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Meet the Team

Here at NANSA, we are dedicated to improving the lives of Norfolk people with disabilities. Meet the Team Leaders whose teams make this possible.
Ros Czarnowski
Ros Czarnowska - CEO
Ros is currently responsible for leading on all aspects of NANSA’s work. This includes financial and strategic management of the Association and an overview of service provision and development to meet the needs of all existing and potential service users.

Leon Smith - Head of Services (Deputy CEO)
Leon is supported by a team of highly experienced and skilled Assistant Managers who together deliver a range of specialist services for Children and Adults with disabilities and their families. Leon and his team ensure they provide every individual with a support package that is tailored to meet their specific needs. NANSA’s services include everything from advice to families at the point of diagnosis to supporting an individuals’ first venture into the world of employment.

Franis Woodcock
Alan Flack - Head of Finance
Alan works closely with the CEO and Trustees of NANSA to develop the financial elements of our Business Plan, as well as producing regular financial reports and ensuring that all departments operate in accordance with NANSA’s Financial Procedures.

01603 414109
Amanda Lockwood - Head of Charity Trading
Amanda is our Charity Trading Manager who looks after our charity shops on the outskirts of Norwich. Amanda heads up a team of retail supervisors and is supported by a retail coordinator. Amanda works hard to ensure our retail department is running well as this is one of the main sources of income for the charity.

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