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Here at Nansa, we are dedicated to improving the lives of people in Norfolk with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. Meet the Team Leaders whose teams make this possible.
Tom Garrod - CEO
Tom is Nansa's Chief Executive Officer and was appointed to the role in September 2018, having moved across from the position of Chair of Trustees. Tom has been on Nansa's board of Trustees since 2014 and is also a Norfolk County Councillor, representing the division of Wroxham. He has an excellent track record in politics and is passionate about the aims of Nansa. As a person with Cerebral Palsy, Tom also has personal experience of the challenges presented by living with disabilities and is a shining example of how they can be overcome.

Leon Smith - Head of Services
Leon is supported by a team of highly experienced and skilled Assistant Managers who together deliver a range of specialist services for Children and Adults with disabilities and their families. Leon and his team ensure they provide every individual with a support package that is tailored to meet their specific needs. Nansa's services include everything from advice to families at the point of diagnosis to supporting an individuals’ first venture into the world of employment.

Senior Services Team
From left to right;
Frankie Bond - Assistant Manager of Families Services
Kelvin Sadler - Senior Service Manager (Youth Services)
Michelle Dungar - Assistant Manager of Train and Trade
Jacqui Carey-Knight - Services Support Officer
Jane Foden - Assistant Manager of Adults' Services

Franis Woodcock
Alan Flack - Head of Finance
Alan works closely with the CEO and Trustees of Nansa to develop the financial elements of our Business Plan, as well as producing regular financial reports and ensuring that all departments operate in accordance with Nansa's Financial Procedures.

Amanda Lockwood - Head of Charity Trading
Amanda is our Head of Charity Trading who has overall responsibility for our charity shops in and around Norwich. Amanda heads up a team of retail supervisors and is supported by a retail coordinator.