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  • Sensory support for pre school children

NANSA Family Services

NANSA Family Services provide support and assistance to families whose children have disabilities. NANSA is here to help from the moment your child is diagnosed, and will stay with you for as long as you need us.

Our Family Centre is a safe and supportive environment that provides a calm, friendly atmosphere to support families of children with disabilities. Our experienced S.E:N.S.E. team deliver a programme of fun, educational multi-sensory experiences and our School for Parents can help you develop strategies to use at home.

School for Parents School for Parents School for Parents Learn the essential skills needed to develop your toddler's physical needs. Read more
S.E:N.S.E. Sense Therapy Sense Therapy Helping the families of children with disabilities break down sensory barriers. Read more
Summer Programme Summer Programme Summer Programme Lively summer activities for Norfolk children aged 0-11 with disabilities.
Family Gallery 15
Families Timetable
Referrals & FAQs Family Referrals and FAQs Family Referrals and FAQs Learn more about our groups, activities, and how to refer a child. Read more
Meet the Team Meet our families team Meet our families team Our friendly experience family and childrens team are based at the NANSA Family Centre on Woodcock Road and our.. Read more
NANSA Sleep Service NANSA Sleep Service NANSA Sleep Service NANSA Sleep Service provides support for families with children aged five and under, suffering with sleep disturbance issues. Read more
Right From The Start Best practice training for professionals who may be sharing news of a child's additional needs. Read more
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