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Fun ideas for fundraising and supporting NANSA in your workplace, or even become a corporate sponsor.
Training & Conference Room Hire
If you need to arrange a training day or book a conference room, you can hire the use of the NANSA Lodge and raise money for our charity in the process.

The Lodge can be hired out for half or full days, and is spacious enough for up to 12 people.

Click here for more information about the NANSA Lodge.
Why not help out the environment while raising money for NANSA?

With the help of Recycling For Good Causes we are able to recycle a wide variety of unwanted items, with the profits helping to support NANSA.

If you are interested in recycling for NANSA at your office, check out our recycling page for more details or call us on 01603 414109.
Have fun at work
Bring some excitement to your place of work by having a fun event, while at the same time raising money for our invaluable projects.
Make NANSA your charity of the year
Choose NANSA as your charity of the year and help change the lives of people like Joseph.
Joseph's Story
Over a period of 6 months, a touch sensitive child like Joseph, who screamed at the feel of sand on his feet, became able to tolerate sand and eventually enjoy a trip to the beach with his family.
Become a NANSA sponsor
We need £1 million to refurbish our Adult and Youth centre on Bowthorpe Road and turn it into the Diamond Education Centre. Our goal is to turn the 50-year-old centre into a modern, educational hub that provides support, independence, culture and employment training for people with disabilities as well as the wider community.

If your company would like to sponsor a zone in the Diamond Education Centre, or even just sponsor one of our events or projects, please email fundraising@nansa.org.uk or visit our page on chariti.org.uk for more details.
Consider having a charity sweepstake to help support Nansa.

Simply download the file below, put it up somewhere in the office, then have people make a donation to claim a parcel. Once a winner has been chosen give them their prize and send whatever left over money has been raised to Nansa.

Instructions on where to send the donations are included with the file.