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We have launched this web-page specifically, to provide our staff, volunteers, members, trainees, families, carers and visitors with the information they will require; in relation to how Nansa is preparing for, and mitigating against, any risk to health posed by the potential incidence and spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Norfolk.

NHS Guidance and Common Questions: (click here).

NANSA UPDATE MONDAY 23/03/2020 – 15.00pm


Today we have continued making plans in relation to staying-in-touch with our service-users who access the Adults’ Centre, and Train’&’Trade over the coming weeks.
In order to safeguard our staff and service-users during this time, we are implementing a buddy-system. Support staff will be assigned a work-buddy and issued with work diaries. This means we will be working in pairs (or small groups of up to 3 wherever practically possible). We are actually implementing the ‘buddy’ system across the whole charity now (including Head Office).
The buddies will work together; staying in touch with our Members and Trainees, providing wellbeing support, advice, and where necessary practical support too.
In the critical-event that direct contact is required between a service-user and a member of staff, we can reduce the risk to all by ensuring interaction and contact is limited as far as possible using the work-buddy system.
Until we return to normal service-delivery, staff across all areas of Nansa will be limited to direct interactions with their assigned buddies only. All other contact and interaction will be facilitated virtually using computers and devices. The system will be continually reviewed throughout the next 12 weeks.


All Nansa, Charity Shops will now be closed until further notice; and our ebay operations will also be suspended. We anticipate the pressures and challenges facing Royal Mail over the coming weeks and we want to play our part in supporting them to stay safe and focus on essential mail and postage only. Thanks to the measures of support for employers, detailed by the UK Government last week, we are able to reassure our retail staff that they will be back in action when this period is over, and that we will support them during this period of ‘staying at home’.


All services have now been suspended until further notice; however, we ask families to contact us if they have concerns or need support/advice that we can provide them by phone or email. The list of contacts is below:

For Sleep, School for Parents, SENSE, and/or any queries relating to families of children under 10 years old; please contact Frankie or Anna:

For Short Breaks, Milestones, and/or any queries relating to families of children over 10 years old; please contact Jacqui, who will find a suitable member of the team to assist you:


If you need to contact the Head Office team; please email us at: enquiries@nansa.org.uk
You can also call us on 01603 414109 (calls may be diverted to a member of staff working from home).

A message from Leon Smith (Nansa CEO)

“I want to say a huge thank you to our staff, volunteers, members and families during this time. You have been patient, calm, understanding, and committed to our efforts; helping Nansa deal with this event in the most appropriate way. We will endeavour to keep you updated via our website and facebook. Our activity across other social media has been temporally suspended so that we can better manage our communication safely and efficiently. For those of you who do not have facebook account; please be aware that Nansa’s facebook page is public and an account is not required in order to follow the updates. I appreciate these are uncertain times, but we know what we have to do to deal with this crisis, stay positive, look after each other, and keep following the advice coming from PHE and Gov’t. We will get through this together, as a community!”