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Our Sense Service is a dedicated group for children aged 0 – 5 years who have difficulties with sensory processing. Kindly supported by BBC Children In Need, this group provides parental support, a specialist structured learning approach, and a fun way for children to break down their barriers to learning.

The Nansa Family Centre is a well-equipped, safe and welcoming setting for families and children, where there are a range of therapeutic spaces including a dedicated sensory studio and portable sensory equipment that support young children’s development.

Each session lasts between 60 – 90 minutes, and engages children in a range of activities which focus on the development of:
- Sensory systems – building tolerance to textures, tastes, smells colours, sounds and balance
- Sensory and motor development – posture, reflex, special awareness and motor planning
- Perceptual motor development – listening and talking, concentration, co-ordination and posture

Sessions are followed by relaxed time in the Family Room where children can play whilst family members can chat with staff and each other over coffee. These regular informal opportunities to get together provide a social network with others who are facing similar challenges. Many of our families comment on the value of the mutual support they get from other parents and carers and of the friendships they develop.

All the activities are delivered by specialist staff in a fun and stimulating way, accompanied by songs and rhymes which help build strong auditory cues. These enable children to comprehend, predict and prepare for transitions to new activities, as well as develop consciousness of their own actions, movements and experiences.

For information on accessing this service, please contact the Family Services team by
calling 01603 414109 or email referrals@nansa.org.uk or alternatively click HERE