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There are many ways in which you can get involved with raising much needed funds for Nansa. Every penny raised and donated by our generous supporters makes a really big difference to the lives of the people with the disabilities we work with and is appreciated by our service users, their families and our staff team.
Why Fundraise For Us?
Without the support from the community, local businesses and incredible individuals who donate to Nansa, vital services that people with disabilities and their families rely on, would not be possible.

Your donations can help us continue to provide services focusing on both families and individuals; every single day Nansa is empowering people to achieve their personal goals and aspirations and your help will allow us to do so.

The Nansa fundraising team is able to provide you support throughout the entire process. Get in touch to discuss any ideas or events you may have by calling 01603 414109 or email fundraising@nansa.org.uk
How to Get Involved
There are many ways in which you can get involved with fundraising for Nansa.

Attend one of our events – to see what events we have coming up, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or click HERE.
Host your own event – if you want to host your own event with support from Nansa, we can provide support, guidance and materials to help you get the best out of your event. Where possible, if you wish we can join you at the event to provide support and information on Nansa.
Get sponsored – Fancy doing something a bit different? Whether this is jumping from a plan or running the marathon, or maybe something a bit easier like shaving off your beard or soaking in a tub of baked beans, raising funds for Nansa can help us a huge amount. Feel free to use the sponsorship form at the bottom of the page to help gather money.
School / clubs – We can come in to your school or club and talk about Nansa and what it is we do and together we can work to raise funds for the charity.
*All of our staff have full DBS checks completed on them.
Charity of the Year– Do you own a business or have a decision around charity support? If so, please get in touch and we can work together to make Nansa your charity of the year.
Collection Tins – Nansa has charity tins in over 130 locations across Norfolk which brings in much needed funds to the charity simply from customers dropping in their loose change. If you have somewhere you can put a tin, we will arrange coming and collecting it and replacing it with a new one.