Help raise money for NANSA to help us provide support and assistance to people with disabilities and their families and carers.
Why Fundraise For Us?
NANSA are a completely independent charity that helps people with disabilities, from small children to adults, in the Norwich and Norfolk area.

Without your support, we would not be able to offer the support required to help the people that we support, empowering them to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. Watch our video here to find out more about these personal stories.

Fundraising Ideas
There are lots of different ways you can fundraise for NANSA. Your friends are more likely to sponsor you if you do something interesting or challenging, so get creative with your fundraising ideas. Here are a few to spark your imagination:

  • Train for, and run, a marathon
  • Organise a fun run
  • Pile your pennies
  • Go without your favourite food for a month
  • Shave your head or cut your hair for charity
  • Ask friends and family to donate to NANSA instead of buying you a birthday or Christmas present
  • Host a party and charge people to come. Let them know the money is for NANSA!
  • Have a bake sale

Don't forget to let people know about your fundraising event. If you are using an online fundraising platform like JustGiving, make sure you share your page on social media, as well as showing older relatives who don't use the internet very often. Happy fundraising!
Christmas Sweepstake
Consider having a charity sweepstake to help support Nansa this Christmas.

Simply download the file below, put it up somewhere in the office, then have people make a donation to claim a parcel. Once a winner has been chosen give them their prize and send whatever left over money has been raised to Nansa.

Instructions on where to send the donations are included with the file.

Cromer Boxing Day Big Dip 2013
NANSA Fashion Show 2014
NANSA Diamond Year
NANSA celebrated their Diamond Anniversary last year! Supporting people with disabilities in Norfolk for over 60 years!
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