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News archive

Loveday & Partners launch Walk around the world for Nansa in 100 days campaign to fund refurbishment project
Financial planners Loveday & Partners are joining Nansas service users, staff, volunteers and their families on a mission to walk around the world in 100 days to raise funds towards the refurbishment of Nansas Day Centre on Bowthorpe Road in Norwich.

Nansa?has worked for over 60 years to improve the lives of people in Norfolk with physical, sensory and learning disabilities.?Nansa?is a local independent charity and believes that all people with disabilities are entitled to full inclusion in society.?Nansa?aims to empower people in Norfolk with disabilities to achieve their life aspirations.?

The challenge has been set by Loveday & Partners to collectively walk 25,000 miles in 100 days from March 1st to raise funds towards the first phase of the refurbishment project which will cost around £40,000.

Nansa has been based out of the Bowthorpe Road Adults' Centre since 1964, offering day care provision, currently for over 80 adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

Due to the increasing demand of specialist care for people with profound disabilities, there is a need to develop the facilities to keep up with this demand.

Tom Garrod, Chief Executive of Nansa commented “Our toilets and personal care facilities are in need of development to meet the changing needs of our service users; making spaces more wheel chair accessible, allowing sufficient space for supported transition from wheelchairs; and this will be the first phase of our refurbishment project. The Around the World in 100 days for Nansa is a superb idea that Loveday and Partners have created and goes to the very heart of what Nansa is about; challenging yourself to be the best you can be. I cannot thank the team at Loveday & Partners enough for their ongoing support.”

The campaign follows on from the Loveday & Partners team volunteering to transform the Life Skills room at the Adult Centre last year.

The refurbishment campaign has been given a kickstart by £5,000 by Loveday & Partners and £3,452 raised from a murder mystery dinner organised by A Little Help Norwich in November last year.

Deborah Bourassa, Financial Planner and Partner of Loveday & Partners said, “Everyone at Loveday & Partners is 100% behind this exciting joint fundraising project. The atmosphere in the office is upbeat and positive as we brush down our trainers and find our pedometers in preparation for “the off” on March 1st. We care deeply about Nansa’s inspiring work in our community and Loveday & Partners is committed to help smash through the target of £25,000 for much needed refurbishments. By collaborating with staff and clients of Nansa, in our joint “walk around the world” project, and in raising awareness, finding donors and getting fitter, we will hope to embrace the charity’s core values of feeling empowered and challenged to reach our personal and collective goals for Nansa”

To donate to the Around the World in 100 days challenge please go to http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/LovedayAndPartners. Updates will be posted to Nansa’s Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag #Nansa100Days

Photograph shows Financial Planner and Partner of Loveday & Partners Deborah Bourassa presenting a cheque to Nansa Chief Executive Tom Garrod at the Loveday & Partners offices. For more information please contact Tom Garrod, Chief Executive of Nansa on tomgarrod@nansa.org.uk

Nansa nominated finalists at the 2019 Norfolk Care Awards
The Norfolk charity for people with disabilities Nansa has been nominated as finalists for the 2019 Norfolk Care Awards in the Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.) Category.

Nansa has worked for over 60 years to improve the lives of people in Norfolk with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. Nansa is a local independent charity and believes that all people with disabilities are entitled to full inclusion in society. Nansa aims to empower people in Norfolk with disabilities to achieve their life aspirations. The team at Nansa’s Adult and Youth Centre in Norwich, support up to 42 visitors each day.

The nomination follows Nansa winning in the category for Collaborative Working at the Norfolk Care Awards last year, which was awarded in recognition of Nansa’s innovative partnership working with local businesses, including John Lewis, Martin’s Driver Training and Wroxham Barns, in breaking down the barriers young people with disabilities face when seeking employment, education and training.

The team promotes personal aspirations using achievable outcomes that include topics such as ‘Confidence in the Community’, ‘Life Skills’, and ‘Employability’. It is these shared aims and objectives that ensure provision is delivered consistently, with continually increased levels of excellence.

On receiving news of the nomination, Nansa’s Head of Services, Leon Smith said, “We received the news just before Christmas and are absolutely thrilled to be finalists for the T.E.A.M. Award. At Nansa, we try to think outside of the box. Each year the team will attend our annual Staff Development Day; in 2018 the staff attended Cinema City and experienced a range of sensory impairments, exploring how they might impact on what some could see as an entirely inclusive activity. It is experiences such as this that ensure the team at Nansa work towards a common goal, helping those we support to not only identify the obstacles they face but recognise how they can be overcome”.

Nansa Chief Executive, Tom Garrod commented, “This nomination is a real credit to the team at the Adult Centre and to the person centred approach we have at Nansa. I’m absolutely delighted that we have been nominated for a second year in a row which is a great endorsement of the high quality of care that we aim to provide for people with disabilities.”

The Norfolk Care Awards aims to showcase those who demonstrate a commitment to delivering excellence and quality care and support services across Norfolk. This 2019 Gala event will take place at Sprowston Manor Hotel on Thursday 21st February.
New Life Skills room transformed at Nansa thanks to Loveday and Partners
On Wednesday, a new Life Skills room at Nansa’s Adult Centre on Bowthorpe Road was opened by a team from the financial planning firm Loveday & Partners after they volunteered their time to transform the room.

Nansa has worked for over 60 years to improve the lives of people in Norfolk with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. Nansa is a local independent charity and believes that all people with disabilities are entitled to full inclusion in society. Nansa aims to empower people in Norfolk with disabilities to achieve their life aspirations.

The team, led by Loveday & Partners Director Deborah Bourassa, spent an afternoon a week at the Adult Centre working tirelessly on the project since early October. As a result, they have transformed the room which will now be used as part of Nansa’s Milestones project.
Milestones is a Nansa Transition Service for young people aged 18-25 years old who are preparing for adulthood. The Milestones programme was developed by Nansa in consultation with young people, parents and families supported by NANSA across other services.
Deborah Bourassa, Loveday and Partners Director, said “It was a privilege for our team to work with the Nansa team on this exciting project. We felt uplifted meeting the staff and members and by the positive energy and optimistic sense of purpose that pervaded the centre and in all you do. Thank you for this first opportunity to help, we hope it’s not the last!”

Tom Garrod, Chief Executive of Nansa, said “We are very grateful to Deborah, Lisa, Kai, Jessica, Sadie, Corrina and Nicky for giving up their time to come at do this for us. I am in awe of their passion and commitment to the charity and cannot thank them enough. This means that we are now able to offer people with disabilities a safe environment to develop their life skills as part of our Milestones project.”

To learn more about the Milestones project, please visit www.nansa.org.uk/nansa-milestones.aspx
NANSA Challenges Fashion Perceptions
On November 1st, NANSA is supporting disabled people to take part in a fashion show organised by Karen James-Welton also known as The Fabulous Miss K who runs her own vintage and stylist business and Sarah Henry who runs The Vintage Shed.

NANSA has worked for over 60 years to improve the lives of people in Norfolk with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. NANSA is a local independent charity and believes that all people with disabilities are entitled to full inclusion in society. NANSA aims to empower people in Norfolk with disabilities to achieve their life aspirations.

The show follows a sell-out fashion show held earlier this year which was based on the idea of having a women’s vintage fashion show for all, to highlight the need of making fashion accessible and wearable no matter what.

NANSA were delighted to be asked to take part in the show and are thankful to Karen and Sarah who supported 3 of NANSA’s Train and Trade trainees modelling their own clothes at the fashion show.

Tom Garrod, NANSA Chief Executive, who attended the show earlier in the year commented: “The NANSA trainees excelled in their catwalk performances and the increase in their self-confidence was clear to see. These young women are no different in their interest of fashion than any other woman and there is no reason for others to perceive them any differently. NANSA actively seeks opportunities to challenge the perceptions of disability and to offer every client the chance to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life and it’s great for us to work with partners like Karen and Sarah to enable this to happen”

The event was such a success that another fashion show is planned for November 1st and is being held at The Oaklands Hotel, Norwich. NANSA will be supporting 4 trainees modelling their own collection taken from a selection of items donated to their 5 charity shops based in and around Norwich.

Sarah Henry said “Due to their excellence on the catwalk at the first show, the trainees were part of the pre shoot which advertises the Every Woman Vintage Fashion Show taking place next month.”

NANSA’s Head of Charity Trading, Amanda Lockwood, commented:

"Charity shops provide the ideal opportunity for people to buy into the "anything goes" fashion trend we are currently seeing. Our trainees love working with fashion. Being asked to provide models and show our collection at the “Every Woman Vintage Fashion Show” means that NANSA can be part of challenging the

perception of who fashion is for. Fashion should be for everyone and we are passionate about making this a reality."

If you would like to support NANSA by attending the fashion show, please follow the Facebook link for tickets and more details or search Facebook “Every Woman Vintage Fashion Show”.


Tickets are also available from NANSA’s Magdalen Street charity shop. Details can be found on the NANSA website: http://www.nansa.org.uk/shops.aspx
NANSA Announces Tom Garrod as new Chief Executive
Today, NANSA announces the appointment of Tom Garrod as their new Chief Executive.

Tom Garrod, 29, has been a trustee of the charity since 2014. Tom has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy and is also a Norfolk County Councillor, representing the division of Wroxham.

NANSA has worked for over 60 years to improve the lives of people in Norfolk with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. NANSA is an independent charity and believes that all people with disabilities are entitled to full inclusion in society. NANSA aims to empower people in Norfolk with disabilities to achieve their life aspirations. NANSA provides support, education, training and advice to people of all ages and disability levels.

Upon his appointment, Tom said “When somebody asks me ‘What can NANSA do for people with disabilities?’ I can say ‘We make them Chief Executive’. It is a real privilege to be chosen by the board of trustees to take the charity forward. I look forward to leading a great team of people that enable our clients to achieve their personal goals and ambitions by empowering them to overcome the barriers of their disabilities. We will strive to deliver innovative services that focuses on achieving the outcomes for our clients.”

Paul Denham, on behalf of trustees, said “We are delighted that Tom will be joining NANSA as our new Chief Executive.

NANSA is committed to playing a prominent role in helping people in Norfolk with disabilities to achieve their life goals and we believe that Tom is the ideal leader to work with the existing Executive team to help us realise that ambition.

Tom has recently led the charity as Chair over a challenging period, has an excellent track record in politics and is passionate about the aims of NANSA. As a person with Cerebral Palsy, Tom also has personal experience of the challenges presented by living with disabilities and is a shining example of how they can be overcome.

Tom will now step down as Chair and an announcement about a replacement will be made in due course. In the interim period the Trustees will be led by the Vice Chair, Margaret Smith.

Finally, we would like to wish Tom and his team good luck with the challenges ahead”

Speaking on behalf of the Senior Management and wider staff team at NANSA, Head of Services Leon Smith said; “As with many of the children and adults we support across NANSA’s services, Tom himself has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. This has always given him a unique insight and understanding of the aims and objectives of our work. Having worked closely with Tom for some time, while in his former role as a Trustee, I have come to appreciate and rely on his perspective when developing ways in which we can improve our services and better meet the needs of those we support. Tom is incredibly passionate about NANSA and has been of huge support to us all over the past year in particular. We are pleased to welcome Tom as our new CEO and I am personally excited about what he can enable us to achieve over the coming months and beyond”.
NANSA, one of Norfolk’s leading disability empowerment charities, is delighted to have been chosen as Charity of the Year by the Brightstart Montessori Nursery in Norfolk.

Brightstart has fundraised for NANSA over the last two years through Christmas nativity plays held at their North Walsham and Scottow sites, with last year’s collection raising £185 thanks to the generosity of parents and staff.

Fiona Halkyard, Brightstart Manager said “We had been looking for a local charity to support and one of our parents strongly recommended NANSA as their child regularly uses NANSA services and she is a real advocate for the support NANSA gives their whole family.”
Brightstart Montessori Nursery provides a safe, prepared and ordered environment in which children are free to learn naturally from their surroundings, catering for children between 2 years old and school age. They have been established in North Walsham since 1996, with a second Nursery opening in The Fairstead, Scottow in September 2008.

Fiona continued ”Although the Montessori child-centred approach is used with children who have a wide range of learning abilities, the founder Dr. Maria Montessori initially worked with groups of children with learning disabilities, so it feels that NANSA is a perfect fit for us to support with fundraising.”

NANSA is a Norwich based charity which supports people with disabilities from birth upwards in achieving their dreams, goals and aspirations. The NANSA Family Centre on Woodcock Road provides a calm, friendly and supportive environment for families of pre-school children with sleep, motor skills or sensory processing difficulties.

NANSA Fundraising Officer, Vicki Goddard said “We are so grateful to the staff, parents and children at Brightstart Nursery for choosing to support NANSA. As a charity, we are reliant on the support and donations of individuals, community and corporate supporters to be able to run our full range of vital services. If you would like to support our work or looking for a Charity to support this year, we would love to hear from you by emailing fundraising@nansa.org.uk”
NANSA, one of Norfolk’s leading disability empowerment charities, is celebrating the successes of one of its amazing fundraisers.

Jo Corbyn from Old Catton, Norwich is a dedicated fundraiser for NANSA and other charities that help support her four-year old daughter Darcie who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Jo’s fundraising activities includes running stalls at various school fetes, coffee mornings, cake stalls and selling a range of cosmetic toiletries through her Facebook page “Darcies Sensory Palace”. This Christmas alone, Jo raised £300 for NANSA through various events and also supplied all the Christmas presents for the NANSA Family Centre children’s Christmas party.

As well as all her incredible fundraising, Jo is also something of a supermum raising eight children ranging from 2 years to 15.

Jo said “NANSA has been invaluable in supporting Darcie so I am happy to give back what I can through fundraising. I learn something new every time I come to NANSA. The staff and other families that attend are amazing – they are all such lovely, caring people who never give up. The support network between the families is so strong – everyone is very genuine and helpful with no-one judging each other.”

Darcie has been attending a NANSA SENSE group since June 2016. The SENSE sessions, which are funded by Children in Need until March 2020, are designed to nurture and support early sensory experiences, increase confidence and promote positive communication skills for preschool children with additional needs. Darcie has also accessed the NANSA Sleep service in the past, following a referral from her Health Visitor.

NANSA Fundraising Officer, Vicki Goddard said “We are in awe of the fundraising efforts of Jo who has such a busy life, but still manages to find the time to support NANSA and other charities when she can. It is through the fundraising efforts of Jo and families like hers, that we can continue to keep running the services that support and empower people with disabilities throughout Norfolk. If you would like to help raise funds for NANSA, we would love to hear from you so please contact us today by emailing fundraising@nansa.org.uk“
Clay shooting event raises over £3,000 for disability charity NANSA
Over 200 people came together last week for a day of clay shooting which raised over £3,000 for Norfolk disability empowerment charity, NANSA.

The event held at Eriswell Lodge, Brandon included people of all ages and abilities in teams of five over a course of 15 stands. The total amount raised was £3,138 from entry fees and a raffle with hundreds of donated prizes.

Clay enthusiasts David and Heather Pointer from Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich have been organising the annual clay shoot for nearly ten years, raising £000s for Norfolk based charities. The first event attracted about 20 participants and has grown every year since, with 200 clay shooters attending this year.

David said “The event gets bigger every year, and we don’t have to do any marketing – As soon as the clay shoot finishes, people are asking us when next year’s event is going to be. This year we were looking to support a disability charity and after a trip to their charity shop and finding out more about what they do on their website, we felt NANSA would be a great choice for everyone to support.”

NANSA Marketing Manager, Paul Rowlands said “We are so grateful to David and Heather for choosing to support us this year and to everyone involved in raising such a great amount of money for NANSA. It is thanks to fundraising events such as this and the generosity of people like David and Heather that we can offer the services that support and empower people with disabilities throughout Norfolk. If you would like to help raise funds for NANSA, please contact us today by emailing fundraising@nansa.org.uk“
Are you looking for a Charity of the Year?
Is your workplace looking for a Charity to support? Would you like to enter a free prize draw with a chance to win a massage at Imagine Spa?

We are working on our exciting new fundraising pack which details lots of ways staff can fundraise for us to support people with disabilities. We would love to send your workplace a pack, so if you think this might be of interest and your employers are happy to receive it, simply email your company contact details to fundraising@nansa.org.uk and we will make sure we send you a pack.

As a thank you, your name will go into a prize draw for your chance to win a voucher for a 30 minute sensory back massage at Imagine Spa.

Terms and Conditions

By entering this free prize draw, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions. All entry instructions form part of the terms & conditions of this prize draw.
This free prize draw is open to anyone aged 16 or over who is a resident of the UK or the Republic of Ireland, except for employees of NANSA (promoter), its subsidiary companies, their families and any other company connected with the prize draw.
Entries must be received by Wednesday 28 March, 23.59 GMT (closing date). Entries that are illegible, incomplete, corrupted or which fail to be received by the closing date for any reason will not be counted. The promoter is not responsible for entries delayed or lost in the post. Automatically generated entries or entries via agents or third parties are invalid and shall not be counted.
To enter email your company HR or marketing contact details to fundraising@nansa.org.uk, having gained their consent first
All entries will be entered into a prize draw which will take place on Thursday 29 March. The first entry drawn at random will be the winner.
The prize is a voucher for a 30 minute sensory back massage voucher at Imagine Spa, The Old Hall, Caister-on-Sea valid until 30th September 2018.
Events may occur which render the awarding of the prize impossible due to reasons beyond the control of the promoter and the promoter may, at its absolute discretion, vary, amend, suspend or withdraw the prize with or without notice.
The winner will be notified by email within 7 days of the closing date. The winner(s) must claim their prize within 30 days of the promoter sending notification. If the prize is unclaimed after this time, it will lapse and the promoter reserves the right to offer the unclaimed prize to a substitute winner selected in accordance with these rules.
The winner agrees to the promoter’s use of their name, town of residence and photograph in relation to the promoter’s publicity material.
Promoter will use any data submitted by entrants only for the purposes of running this prize draw, unless otherwise stated in the entry details. By entering this prize draw, all entrants consent to the use of their personal data by the promoter for the purposes of the administration of this prize draw and any other purposes to which the entrant has consented.
NANSA Train and Trade team celebrate success of Trainee Kerry starting new job role
NANSA is celebrating the success of Train & Trade Trainee Kerry Staff who has recently become their first Trainee to take up a paid employee position.

Kerry originally worked as a Trainee at a NANSA Charity shop for a number of years before moving into a Supported Community Work Placement at Martin’s Driving School (a commercial vehicle training organisation) where she became a valued member of their administration team, making a real difference to the business’ workload and has now become a paid employee within the organisation.

Train and Trade is NANSA’s Careers support service offering a range of Traineeships that aim to break down the barriers those with disabilities face when seeking employment or education. In recognition of its successes, Train and Trade has been nominated in this years Norfolk Care Awards in the “Collaborative Working” category.

Speaking about Kerry’s positive impact, Carol McCafferty from Martin's Driver Training said “When we first considered accepting a work placement for one day a week, I had no idea what to expect. Initially I thought ‘if it takes someone all day to do what an employee could do in an hour it doesn’t matter. It would be additional help for us, and I would be happy to help someone get some work experience.”

“What a surprise I got! Kerry is always keen to learn and enjoys her work. She is happy to work things out for herself, makes suggestions and is keen to learn about how our business works. Kerry is capable of working unsupervised and she has become an asset to our business. I have been so pleased with how she has fitted into our business that Kerry has now become a paid employee working two days a week.”

Kerry also attends the NANSA charity shop on Magdalen Street as a retail Trainee and peer mentors other Trainees who are now on the journey she herself was once on.

Leon Smith, NANSA Head Of Services said “Kerry is an inspirational person who has worked so hard to achieve what she has and we are all delighted that she has been offered paid employment through the Train and Trade process. The support and kindness she offers her co-trainees is truly wonderful and she is such an asset to our work at NANSA and clearly to Martin’s Driver Training."

“The NANSA Train and Trade service is always looking to expand the level of support it provides people with disabilities in finding employment. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, please contact me on email via leonsmith@nansa.org.uk”
NANSA announce new Chair of Board of Trustees
NANSA, one of Norfolk’s leading disability empowerment charities, is proud to announce Cllr Tom Garrod has been elected as Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The election of Tom has a special resonance as NANSA was originally formed to support people with cerebral palsy, a condition that Tom lives with.

NANSA CEO Ros Czarnowska said: “We are thankful that Tom has agreed to Chair the Board of Trustees here at NANSA. He is the first NANSA Chair of the Trustee Board who lives with cerebral palsy, which is further evidence of our commitment to empowerment and a more inclusive society. We are lucky to have such a vibrant and forward thinking Board and with Tom as Chair means that we are in a great position for the future.”

Tom is currently the Norfolk County Councillor for Wroxham having made history by becoming the youngest person to be elected a County Councillor in 2009 at just 19 years old.

Speaking about his new role at NANSA, Tom Garrod said “I am delighted to have been elected as Chairman of the Board of Trustees at NANSA and look forward to helping deliver NANSA’s vision of supporting and enabling people with disabilities to achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations.”
Norwich runner Hannah Potter is tackling next month’s gruelling Marriott’s Way Half Marathon in aid of NANSA as a way of thanking them for the support they have given her niece Amalie.

Hannah (24) from Thorpe Marriott, Norwich said: “I was keen to find a charity which has supported my family and NANSA has been there for Amalie. I have been training for the half marathon since April 2017 and am currently running around 10 miles. I started running with an informal local beginners running club, and really appreciate the support and help they have given me. I am determined to finish the Marriott’s Way Run and won’t stop until I’ve done it.”

Amalie, aged 2 years, was born with cerebral palsy and has been attending NANSA’s School for Parents Service for over a year. Her mother, Laura, said: “Amalie really enjoys coming to NANSA and gets excited when she sees her friends there that she has made. She especially enjoys using the sensory room. “

“I get a lot of support from NANSA’s sessions”, continued Laura, “in terms of physio for Amalie and learning about different techniques for play and interaction. When Amalie’s Grandmother brings her, she also finds it a real benefit from meeting other parents, as NANSA supports the whole family not just the child.”

Hannah has set her initial fundraising target at £250 but is confident that she can beat this with support from friends and family. If you would like to show your support, Hannah can be sponsored here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/h-potter1
If you are running one of the Marriott’s Way events or taking on a personal challenge in 2018 and would like to fundraise for NANSA, please email fundraising@nansa.org.uk
NANSA rewards Trustee for outstanding 26 year contribution with honorary role
NANSA is celebrating the outstanding contribution of one of their Trustees, Christine Fulcher.

Christine recently retired as a Trustee of NANSA having held the post since 1991 and will be taking up an Honorary role of Senior Ambassador in the New Year.

“I started at the NANSA Centre in 1974 as a service user when I was 16 doing contract work for local companies” said Christine. “NANSA then provided more support and education to encourage independence. I moved into my own flat in 1984 and I got involved in the committee.”

Christine continued: “NANSA has continued to grow and it has a real buzz in the centres - the staff are there whenever our service users need them and support them in their choices and ambitions. I have learnt more at NANSA than I ever did at school. It has given me a real sense of pride to represent people with disabilities and I am looking forward to my new role.”

NANSA CEO Ros Czarnowska said: “On behalf of everyone at NANSA, we would like to record our heartfelt thanks to Christine for her tireless work as a Trustee. Christine has seen plenty of changes throughout her time on the committee and we look forward to her continuing to promote our work as Senior Ambassador.”

Ros continued: “We are currently recruiting for additional trustees so I would be delighted to hear from interested parties who would be like to join the vibrant and forward thinking committee we currently have here at NANSA.”
Swanton Morley FC Under 10s team proud to support NANSA
NANSA, one of Norfolk’s leading disability empowerment charities, has been chosen to have its logo promoted on the new kit for the Swanton Morley under 10s Reds Football team.

The kit was funded by a parent of one of the team members, as a way of supporting the team and NANSA at the same time. The team’s new kit made its debut at the Northgate Cup in Dereham earlier this year and the response has been very positive.

“I’m really excited to be able to help promote a charity like NANSA via our football team” said Swanton Morley Team Manager Nigel Smith. “I can’t think of another junior football team in the area which has a charity on its shirts and we are delighted to be involved. We are already looking at joint fundraising events for next year and I’m currently working on a sponsored run/dribble for the team which will raise money for the club and NANSA.”

“We are really thankful to the Swanton Morley under 10s Reds Team for their support of NANSA” said NANSA CEO Ros Czarnowska. “As a Norfolk charity, NANSA greatly value the support of the local community in helping us raise both much needed funds and general awareness of our work empowering people with disabilities. We are looking forward to working with the team throughout 2018 to raise fund for both NANSA and the club and wish the team every success for the rest of this season.”
New flagship store on Magdalen Street, Norwich celebrates official opening day
NANSA officially opened its new flagship store on Magdalen Street today.

The store was opened by their service user and Trainee Kerry Staff and the day was celebrated with Personal Shopper sessions and Norfolk Rocks painting for the children.

This new venture is a fusion of a modern charity shop and NANSA’s artshopproject concept which focuses on upcycling, second-hand arts and craft supplies, jewellery and craft workshops. The shop will also host NANSA’s Train and Trade service – A careers support service offering a range of Traineeships that aim to break down the barriers those with disabilities face when seeking employment or education.

The new TV channel "That's Norfolk TV" also featured the opening of the shop and the story can be viewed here
NANSA opens new flagship store on Magdalen Street, Norwich
NANSA, one of Norfolk’s leading disability empowerment charities, is proud to be opening its new flagship store in Magdalen Street, Norwich this week.

This new venture is a fusion of a modern charity shop and NANSA’s artshopproject concept which focuses on upcycling, second-hand arts and craft supplies, jewellery and craft workshops. The shop will also host NANSA’s Train and Trade service – A careers support service offering a range of Traineeships that aim to break down the barriers those with disabilities face when seeking employment or education.

“We are very excited to be opening our doors in the heart of Magdalen Street”, commented NANSA CEO Ros Czarnowska. “We’ve had a retail presence across Norwich for several years, but the launch of our exciting new venture in such a vibrant community as Magdalen Street gives us the opportunity to really showcase what we can offer.”

“People can expect something a bit different from our new store with a fabulous range of both modern and retro stock, together with our usual great customer service, access to creative crafts and a chance to see how we are empowering people with disabilities.

Mrs Czarnowska added “We are already looking at new and innovative ways to ensure that our Magdalen Street store is as inclusive a shopping experience as possible. We would love the chance to share our ideas with other businesses that have similar goals in enhancing the shopping experience for people with disabilities.”

The new Magdalen Street shop will begin trading on Friday 6 October and NANSA is holding an official opening event on Saturday 14 October.
Ebay shop now open
NANSA Ebay shop now open for business
Our Ebay shop is now open for business.

Make sure you visit our Ebay page today to bid on some great bargains : http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/nansanorfolk?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Every purchase you make goes to supporting our work in empowering people with disabilities throughout Norfolk.

Thank you.
NANSA goes vintage
The NANSA team went back in time to help celebrate Wymondham Vintage Day.

Jazz and brass musicians helped take visitors back to the days of yesteryear at the event, which takes place on Sunday 10 September, 10am-4pm at Market Place, the baptist church, Central Hall and other spots around the town.

Suzanne Nuri from organisers, Wymondham Town Team, said: “This year’s Vintage Day was even bigger than last year with over 90 classic vehicles coming along including a vintage tractor, and we had two vintage buses this year, with a red double decker joining the vintage bus we had running last year.

The NANSA stall was selling a variety of vintage themed items form its charity shops on what was a very successful day.
NANSA hosts Gateway Awards Day to celebrate learner’s achievements
NANSA recently hosted the Gateway Awards Day to celebrate their learner’s achievements in gaining Gateway qualifications.

The awards were handed out to NANSA service users by both the Lord Mayor of Norwich, David Fullman and the Sheriff of Norwich, David Walker. The Gateway Awards day has become a key date in the NANSA calendar, with excellent attendance by family, friends and supporters of NANSA service users.
Gateway Qualifications empower learners by providing learning experiences that inspire personal development. The learning structures are tailored to the individual, their personality, skill set and ability, and enable them to fulfil their ambition. The focus is on creating the highest quality of qualifications which are accessible to all, and enable the learner to thrive.

The main event of the day was the presentation of the Honor Boreham Award.
This award is given to the service user who it is felt has made the most effort/biggest strides in improvement within themselves and was awarded to Kerry Staff. Kerry works in a Supported Community Work Placement at a driving school and also attends NANSA Aylsham Road Charity Shop as a retail volunteer.

Commenting on Kerry’s award, the NANSA Head of Train & Trade Leon Smith, said “Kerry is an inspirational lady who has worked so hard to achieve what she has and I have every confidence she will obtain employment in the real world of work at the end of her traineeship with NANSA. The support and kindness she offers her co-trainees is truly wonderful and she is such an asset to our work here."

NANSA is committed to its Train and Trade service which offers advice, opportunities and support to people with disabilities and/or complex mental or physical diagnoses living in Norfolk. Train and Trade has a team of Development Coaches and Outreach Workers who work alongside the service user (Trainee) as part of an agreed and collaborative development plan, enabling them to break down the barriers that block their path into training, education or employment. Through a range of traineeships, certificates and work placements the Trainee is able to access a development programme tailored to meet their own specific needs.
NANSA – Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting  - Thursday 14 September 2017
NANSA – Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting 
The Annual General Meeting of NANSA will be held on Thursday 14 September 2017 at 200 Bowthorpe Road, Norwich and we would be delighted if you could attend.
We would really welcome this opportunity to share with you what we have been up to recently, and show you our exciting plans for the future. You will also have a chance to see an exhibition on NANSA’s journey since we were founded, and meet the management team who have high ambitions for how we can build on this. 
Light refreshments will be served from 6.30pm with the meeting commencing at 7pm. Following the AGM, you will have the opportunity to explore our Adult & Youth Centre, view the exhibition, share your memories of NANSA with other members, and see how we want to take the charity forwards.
Limited parking is available on site, and more extensive free parking is available at the Julian Hospital across the road from the Adult & Youth Centre.
We do hope you can join us for the evening.  If you have any questions or require any further information in the interim, please contact Andrea Bullimore via email andreabullimore@nansa.org.uk or call 01603 627 662.
New choices for young people with disabilities in West Norfolk
Young people with disabilities in West Norfolk will be able to make the most of a new range of services thanks to a charity partnership between NANSA and West Norfolk Deaf Association (WNDA). NANSA will be delivering the group based weekend and holiday services out of WNDA’S Deaf Centre in the heart of King’s Lynn. The partnership means the service can cater for young people aged 11-17 with a range of disabilities, including mild to moderate learning disabilities.

NANSA “Explore” is a service which supports young people with disabilities and their families through the challenging transition from childhood to adult life. Individuals accessing the service can opt for one of three elements: ‘Be Active’, ‘Be Independent’ or ‘Be Creative’, meaning they can maximise the time they spend on activities geared towards their main areas of personal interest. On top of this, there are plans in place for a variety of leisure activities for the whole group to take part in. The Deaf Centre is well-equipped, safe and welcoming, and a very accessible venue for people with disabilities, so an ideal base for sessions.

“Explore” aims to promote independence, boost social, work and decision making skills while building confidence and encouraging self-advocacy. Young people will be inspired to play an active part in their community and to help and understand others within their peer group through the opportunities provided.

The service is accessed by referral only, either via NANSA on 01603 627662 or Norfolk Children's Services Access & Services Team on 01603 692451. The first session will take place on 8th August 2017. “Explore” will then run on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, plus Tuesdays and Thursdays during school holidays.
Artshoproject Open day
Open Day marks new direction at NANSA’s Artshoproject
An exciting Open Day is being held at NANSA’s Artshoproject on Earlham Road on Friday 23 June, to celebrate a new direction for the project.
The Artshoproject is a well-established fixture at the Earlham House shopping centre on Earlham Road. Its recent revamp means it now offers a new range of upcycling furniture, haberdashery, knitting and crocheting, art books, jewellery and art and craft essentials.
The Open Day will run from 9am to 4pm on Friday 23 June, with an official opening by Radio Norwich Breakfast show host Rob Chandler at midday, refreshments for customers, and a 10% discount on all stock throughout the day to celebrate the new look store.  
"The Open Day on the 23 June will be a great opportunity for customers old and new to look round the revamped shop, meet the team and find some great bargains" said NANSA CEO Ros Czarnowska. "The Artshoproject is a real emporium for creative people and families and we are looking forward to greeting everyone on the day."
The Artshoproject is part of NANSA’s portfolio of retail sites with several NANSA charity shops throughout Norwich and an exciting new flagship shop opening in the city centre in the coming months.  As well as providing vital income for the charity, NANSA shops also give people who use their services access to a supported work experience training initiative called “Train & Trade”.
NANSA lights up City Hall
NANSA lights up Norwich to celebrate Learning Disability Awareness Week
One of Norfolk’s leading disability empowerment charities NANSA is lighting up Norwich City Hall on Monday 19 June to celebrate the start of Learning Disability Awareness Week.
Running from 19-25 June, Learning Disability Awareness Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of day-to-day issues faced by people with learning disabilities, as well as sharing the successes of NANSA service users.   
“We are delighted that the City Hall is being lit up to help us celebrate such an important week and are grateful to Norwich City Council for their support” NANSA CEO Ros Czarnowska commented.  “NANSA has been committed to empowering people with disabilities for over 60 years.  Our vision is for people to enjoy opportunities, equality and respect regardless of their ability and we’re working hard to ensure that people of all ages with disabilities can access services and support that enable them to achieve their aspirations.”
Throughout Learning Disability Awareness Week, NANSA will be publishing stories from their service users through its Twitter and Facebook channels (@NANSANorfolk).  There will also be a NANSA Twibbon which can be added to by social media users to show their support.  To celebrate the week, a charity Zumbathon is being held at Sloughbotton Park, Norwich on Saturday 24 June from 1-4 with tickets available from £10 on the day.  Tickets can be also ordered in advance by contacting Lucia Alba on 07776 201645 and NANSA will receive a share of all monies raised.
Swaffham Golf Club captain's Charity
NANSA was delighted to receive a cheque from Swaffham Golf Club last week!

Keith Edmond chose NANSA as the Captain's Charity and worked hard throughout the year with the club to raise a fantastic total!

We are so grateful for everyone's hard work at the club and for Keith and the club's Head PGA Professional, Alan Wright who also delivered golf taster sessions to groups from the NANSA youth and adult services - a fantastic opportunity!

Thank you to Keith, Alan and everyone at the club who made this possible, you have enabled us to continue providing vital sessions and support for people with disabilities from across Norfolk!
Supported Volunteer Placeme
Congratulations to NANSA Train and Trade trainee Tom!

Tom will be starting the next part of his placement and join John Lewis as a Supported Volunteer every Friday from the 31st March!

John Lewis have offered Tom a merchandising role that will enable him to pursue his existing passion for fashion and window displays etc.

This photo from Friday is Tom sealing the deal with a handshake!

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Gill and Lizzie at John Lewis who made him feel so welcome and part of the team.

Congratulations Tom!
First Aid Donations
A huge thank you to Steve from SP services, who has kindly donated two first aid kits and an eye wash station for the NANSA Adult and Youth Centre.

This incredibly generous donation will enable NANSA to continue providing our fantastic services at the centre!
The Card Shop Christmas Card Donations
Kay, Pauline and Mary got in contact with NANSA in late 2016 to let us know that they had chosen NANSA as the beneficiary for the Christmas Cards sales.

The lovely team at The Card Shop on Salhouse Road wanted to support a local charity that directly supported people here in Norfolk.

We are extremely grateful for their very kind donation which will be used to support NANSA's vital services for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities.

Thank you so much for your kind and generous support!

Picture from left to right: Kay Rayner, Pauline Larkins, Mary Farrow.
Norfolk Care Awards
Norfolk Care Awards 2017

We are very pleased that for the second year running, NANSA has been shortlisted for an award at the prestigious Norfolk Care Awards. This year it is for “Delivering Excellence through Learning & Development” and it reflects the strong emphasis that we place on continuous development, and the hard work of the training team. The Awards will be announced on Thursday 23rd February – so watch this space!
Norwich Film Festival support NANSA
Thank you to the Norwich Film Festival for supporting NANSA and making a donation at the Norwich screening of My Feral Heart! An incredible film that spreads a fantastic message! #abilitynotdisability #notsodifferent
Thank you to The Forum and Taverham Nursery Centre
A huge thank you to the fantastic team at The Forum, Norwich, Elliott's family and the wonderfully generous Taverham Nursery Centre for making the Christmas Tree collection a huge success.

The tree look beautiful and we would like to thank the people of Norwich for their overwhelming generosity to help raise such a fantastic amount for NANSA and The Hamlet.

Donations such as this that ensure NANSA can continue providing vital services for people with disabilities from across Norfolk. Thank you!
Norfolk Emergency Services Carol Service
Remember that the Norfolk Emergency Services Carol Service at Norwich Cathedral!
NANSA is so grateful to be chosen as the beneficiaries for the collection at the service, thank you for supporting a local independent charity!
Elliott's Tree
What a beautiful tree!

Thank you so much to Elliott and his family, Taverham Nursery Centre and The Forum, Norwich for creating such a beautiful Christmas Tree! There will be a collection next to the tree all through December! Make sure you visit over the Christmas period!!
Forum Christmas Tree Switch On
NANSA is very excited for the #Christmas #Tree switch on of Elliott's Tree on the 1st of December! make sure you come along to show your support!
Local Businesses Can Join Campaign and Raise Awareness
NANSA would like to congratulate Georgia for coming up with a fantastic idea to raise awareness! We hope that local businesses will get involved! For the full story click here.
Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers Recycling Fair
Lovely morning at the Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers recycling fair! A fantastic opportunity to show the amazing upcycled items created by the Artshoproject!
Wintermas Fair Stall Spaces
Are you a #creative crafty individual who would like a stall at our Christmas 'Wintermas Fair' for just £10!??

If you would like to book a stall space get in contact with the lovely Artshoproject team on 01603 505 066! We're excited about all the lovely christmassy goodies!
Barclays and the Jubilee Sailing Trust
NANSA is very excited to announce that the fantastic Joanne Dowson, Manager of the Wroxham and Hoveton Barclays Branch, is fundraising to take a NANSA trainee on a trip with the Jubilee Sailing Trust next April!

The Lord Nelson is a fully adapted three mast sailing ship and this trip will be a once in a lifetime experience for a NANSA trainee! If you would like to support Joanne's fantastic fundraising efforts then please visit her Virgin Money Giving page. Click here.
Halloween Workshops!
The NANSA Artshoproject have been creating a whole range of beautiful painted pumpkins and Halloween wreaths for you to take home this Halloween! For more information on the Artshoproject workshops click here.
Artshoproject Halloween Workshops!
These pumpkins look fantastic!!! ????????

The Artshoproject have a variety of fun, interactive and crafty workshops so you can show off your creative talents and learn a variety of new skills!
Ian's Incredible Spartathlon!!!
NANSA would like to say a huge thank you to Ian for choosing to support NANSA in the incredible 153 Spartathlon which Ian completed in 29 hours and 14 minutes!!!!!!

To take part in such an incredible fundraisng challenge has been absolutely incredible and NANSA would like to thank Ian for the amazing fundraising he has achieved.

If you would like to sponsor Ian and support the vital NANSA services for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities in Norfolk then please visit his Just Giving page - https://www.justgiving.com/fundr…/ian-thomas-spartathlon2016
A Big Thank You to The Plasterers Arms!
Thank you so much to the fantastic team at The Plasterers for their continued support.

By holding fantastic, creative and fun quiz nights every Monday evening, the team have raised an incredible amount to donate to NANSA!

If you can, get a team together and take part in the quiz, make sure you head to the Plasterers on a Monday night at 8pm!
Ian's Spartathlon!
From Athens to Sparta, Ian is running 153 miles for NANSA!

Held in Greece, Ian is set to race the iconic ultramarathon Spartathlon, arguably the toughest single stage ultramarathon in the world!

We are so grateful that Ian has decided to fundraise for NANSA at the same time in order to provide funding for our vital services, what a hero!

Click here to support Ian in this challenge

Launch of the Disability Real Action Group Of Norfolk (Dragons, formerly PIP)
The Disability Real Action Group of Norfolk, known as the Dragons, announced their rebrand at the same time as an online directory of inclusive activites for children and young people with disabilities was launched.

The Dragons helped with the development of the website - which is hosted by Momentum (Norfolk).

The Dragons Project is willing to visit any Norfolk-based youth provision to undertake an accessibility audit, which will be fed back to the organisation with suggestions on how the group can make itself more accessible to young people with disabilities. Inspired by the Paralympics, the Dragons award bronze, silver and gold certificates to organisations taking part.

Project lead for the Dragons, Sarah Harrison, said: “This project has been very successful over the last five years in helping Norfolk County Council quality assure their short breaks services. Being led by the young people themselves, it has ensured that their voice is heard and that services can make improvements that make a huge difference to those using it.

“I am very excited by the new name and logo, which have been chosen and designed by the young people. We now get involved in providing young people with a voice and have been involved in conferences for professionals, helping community groups and services, and raising awareness and visibility of what young people with disabilities can do, and what they need to help them achieve it.”

Dragons member Hannah Gill added: “I have been around on short breaks marking how people have enjoyed it and if they have choices in the services. We have done lots of reviews and I have lost count of how many I have done, but it’s a lot. We look at how accessible the building is and see if it has toilets with emergency cords and their bedrooms to see if they are allowed to bring things from home like duvet covers and posters to make it homely so they don’t feel homesick when they are staying there.”
Gateway Awards Day
Congratulation to NANSA members who received a range of accredited awards at the NANSA Celebration Awards Day on the 30th August.

The awards were presented by Norwich's Lord Mayor Councillor Marion Maxwell who gave an inspirational speech, telling members to continue achieving their goals and aspirations regardless of their own personal barriers.

"I think that you're all remarkable and don't let anyone tell you otherwise"
Gateway Awards Day
Congratulations to the NANSA Artshoproject trainees who achieved their qualifications and awards!
Hand Crafted Jewellery
Workshop for accompanied children (6-11yrs). Participants will have access to a vast selection of materials suitable for hand-crafting simple jewellery. The children have the freedom to decide exactly what they make, and what they make it out of.
Thank you John Jarrold Trust!
A huge thank you to the Trustees of the John Jarrold Trust for awarding NANSA a grant in order to purchase a new hoist!
NANSA Gains Bronze Award
NANSA is very proud to have received the Bronze Award from Norwich For Jobs. NANSA is dedicated to supporting people with disabilities in Norfolk to achieve supported work placements and qualifications. Congratulations NANSA!
Reception Opening
In March, NANSA won the Gateway Prize of £1500 in order to refurbish their reception area for wheel chair users enrolled on the Reception Skills course. The prize, now in its second year, was launched at the Association of Colleges Conference in November and attracts entries from across the world of education and training. NANSA offers opportunities for people with disabilities in Norfolk to gain accredited Gateway Qualifications and work experience.

The need for a refurbished space at the NANSA Adult and Youth Centre on Bowthorpe became apparent to Jacqui Carey-Knight, the course administrator at NANSA. Mrs Carey-Knight says, “The old space was inadequate and restrictions severely affected the tasks that could be offered to learners in order to further their skills. There was a limit of access to equipment that otherwise would enable wheelchair users to take part in the same tasks as none wheelchair users.”

The opening of the new space will encourage learners to be pro-active in their reception skills and promote confidence and independence. NANSA will be able to extend the course numbers from September 2016 due to the increase of space and appropriate facilities.

Photo from left to right back row: Andy Hemming (NANSA Adult Services Manager), Jacqui Carey-Knight (Course Administrator), Daniel Stowers from Gateway Qualifications, Ros Czarnowska (NANSA CEO), Chloe Smith, Bob Atkins (Donated money for materials). Front row: Christine Fulcher NANSA Trustee and Brenda Arthur Honourable Lord Mayor.
Huge thank you to Pete for a fantastic donation!
The team at NANSA are so grateful to Pete for putting on a Christmas raffle at his workplace, ENSCO PLC.

NANSA has supported this family through sessions and is so thrilled to have been chosen as a charity to support.
Artshoproject's Latest Exhibition 'Spring Apertif'
This theme has been interpreted by local artists in a variety of ways ways! The exhibition will be running from Saturday 23rd April to Saturday 14th of May.
Final Stages of the Minibus Appeal!
Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to the Minibus Appeal so far!

We are excited to announce that we've only got £3000 left to raise until we can buy a minibus!

Check out our crowdfunder film here:


Please share with friends and family to help us reach our target!
Carriers for Causes refurbishes play equipment!
In the Spring and Summer, (when the British weather allows!) the families attending the Family Centre on Woodcock Road can make the most of being outside, exploring the wendy house, enjoying the sand pit, playing on the NANSA pirate ship and swinging under the shade of the trees!

Unfortunately, some of the play equipment was no longer fit for purpose, the posts were rotten on the swing and their was hole in the bottom of the pirate ship (it wouldn't float for long!).

Without the funds to refurbish this, sadly, families would not have been able to make the most of this outdoor space. But thanks to the local Onestop, advising NANSA to apply to their Carriers for Causes in order to fund the refurbishment, we were chosen.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Onestop for choosing NANSA and enabling families to continue using these lovely facilities as part of the sessions delivered at the centre! The equipment has been fully refurbished thanks to this kind donation.

Artshoproject's Spring Craft Fair
This will include toys, puzzles, textiles, jewellery, automata, wood turning, sculpture, cakes, cards and lots more!

Join us from 10am-3pm on the 12th of March at the Artshoproject, 1B Earlham House Shops NR2 3PD.
Highly Commended Excellent Person Centred Care!
NANSA has been highly commended for the Excellent Person Centred Care Award by the prestigious Norfolk Care Awards. The annual event was held at Sprowston Manor on the 25 February, to celebrate and acknowledge award categories of excellent care delivered throughout Norfolk.

NANSA believes that delivering truly person centred care ensures that service users are empowered to achieve inclusion, independence and confidence in their lives.

The award recognises NANSA’s person centred approach by providing disabled people with the opportunity to be in control of the design of the service they receive, and work towards achieving their ambitions. Glenn Butcher who has been attending NANSA for 6 years wanted to help develop and run an annual NANSA fundraising event which greatly has developed his confidence. Glenn said, “I love fundraising for NANSA and I was really happy to be able to help organise and DJ at the event called Sparkle. I’m teaching others at NANSA how to DJ as well.”

Andy Hemming, Adult Services Manager said “NANSA is really proud of the hard work that the staff team has put into being highly commended in this award. We would not be able to do this without the support of the whole of NANSA and our trustees. To be highly commended in the category of person centred care and support shows we put our service users at the heart of our organisation and we passionately believe that this is the right thing to do.”
Norfolk Care Awards
On Thursday 25th February we will be attending the Norfolk Care Awards 2016!

We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for 'Excellent Person Centred Care and Support'.

You can watch the event live at 6:20pm, click here for instructions on how to stream live:

NANSA Minibus
A big thank you from NANSA!

By collecting 500 EDP tokens in January we won funding towards our minibus!

Thank you to everyone who helped collect tokens for NANSA.

We’re still trying to reach our target for the minibus and will be continuing to collect EDP Community Chest Tokens through February!

If you would like to help NANSA to reach our target for the minibus contact the Fundraising Team: fundraising@nansa.org.uk

Thank you!

'Abstract' - Artshoproject's Latest Exhibition
This is an inclusive exhibition featuring the work of NANSA artists and local artists.

The 6 NANSA artists whose work feature in this exhibition have been exploring abstract art through photography as part of their course where they gain accredited Gateway qualifications.

This is a new project with work ranging from unedited photos through to photo-shopped images using a range of cameras, techniques and subjects.

All are welcome to come along on Friday the 12th, 6-8pm for the Private View held at the Artshoproject.
NANSA Street Smart Self Defence
Gary Brown, who runs Street Smart Self Defence, teaches martial arts and tips on keeping safe during a session at the NANSA Adult and Youth Centre. The sessions have been running for five months to develop skills which will promote confidence and life skills for NANSA members when they are out and about.

The group were presented with their Level 1 certificates yesterday and are excited to start the Level 2 course.

To see a film of this fantastic course by Mustard TV, click here.
Calling all stallholders!
The Easter Eggstravaganza at Eaton Park on Friday 25th March 2016 is a community fundraising event for NANSA services. The event will feature an Easter egg hunt, Easter bonnet competition, bouncy castle, colouring in competitions and craft making.

We have pitch spaces available for any stall holders who are interested in attending this event. Last year there were 1500 people at the event and we anticipate that it will be similarly attended this year.

If you would like to hold a stall at this event we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us on fundraising@nansa.org.uk.
Norfolk Care Awards 2016
We are proud to announce that NANSA has been shortlisted for the Norfolk Care Awards 2016 for 'Excellent Person Centred Care and Support'.

The awards night will be taking place on the 25th of February, showcasing excellence and demonstrating a commitment to delivering excellence and quality care and support services across Norfolk.

We are looking forward to attending the evening and will keep you posted!
'And Then There Were Two' - Exhibition at the Artshoproject
This exhibition features the work of two NANSA artists, Luke Cates and Annette Fernandes. It will be going on until the 6th of February at the Artshoproject on Earlham Road.

Works shown by Luke portray his working developments toward a finished exam piece, which was undertaken last year for a Gateway qualification in Painting and Drawing. The trying out of different mediums, investigation of space and emerging colour is the overriding development in these works. The question of whether the finished piece is 'better' than the studies is debatable, here we see them all at once, at the time of making. The choice is yours!

Annette paints slowly and carefully on acrylic on canvas, yet she lays in her designs very quickly and intuitively. Over the last couple of years Annette has got into building the surface up, taking pleasure in the process. Annette's influences are not known, but any resemblance to Hans Hoffman or other colour field painters of the 60's or 70's is felt to be coincidence.
Artshoproject visit Barclays
NANSA was invited to take an artshoproject pop up show at the Barclays central Norwich branch on Red Lion Street. The staff were very welcoming and it was a great opportunity to show off the great range of products that the artshoproject prints, upcycles and sells! Thank you Barclays for making us feel so welcome!
Minibus Appeal!
NANSA is currently fundraising for a minibus! The bus will enable NANSA Adult and Youth services to access a wider range of educational, sporting and recreational activities throughout the year! For more information on how you can get involved email fundraising@nansa.org.uk
Barclays Wroxham Christmas Fair
The fantastic team at Barclays in Wroxham held a craft fair and raffle to help raise money for NANSA. Customers were also treated to a range of home made cakes and mince pies! Thank you to Joanne and the rest of the Barclays team for all your hard work, we look forward to visiting more branches in the New Year!
Norfolk! Exhibition
Our Norfolk! exhibition features the work of Nansa artists and local artists.

It will be running until the 22nd of December, pop into the Artshoproject to have a look!
DIY SOS Family Centre
The centre was a hive of activity this weekend as a team from RG Carter worked throughout the weekend to redecorate the NANSA Family Centre on Woodcock Road.

Children with disabilities and their families will benefit from the centre’s refurbishment which has provided safer accessibility between rooms with an internal makeover which has helped create a fun, enjoyable and positive environment.

Thank you to all of the local businesses involved who helped make this project happen!
Bernard Matthews Youth Awards
Congratulations to our amazing volunteer Pat Howe who was nominated for the Bernard Matthews Hero Award. A grat way to say thank you and acknowledge all of Pat's hard work with the NANSA Youth and Fundraising team!
NANSA Bowls League
The NANSA Bowls League held their annual dinner to celebrate the achievements of the group throughout the year. They also presented NANSA a cheque from the raffle that they hold every summer to support NANSA's vital services for people with disabilities. NANSA is extremely grateful for the generosity, hard work and continued support from all of the members of the Bowls League. Thank you!
Groups Workshops
Hello everyone.
Just to remind you all that artshoproject now offers Group Workshops for you to do with family, friends or work colleagues.
Please see our poster for outline of what's on offer and costs
Ring us on 01603 505066, e-mail; asp@nansa.org.uk or pop in to see us at the gallery/shop
Coop Green Coin Collection
Coop have kindly chosen NANSA as one of the charities that customers can vote for in store with the green tokens. NANSA will be one of the chosen charities for the next three months so keep a look out for NANSA in you East of England local store and make sure to vote for NANSA!
Sept - Oct Exhibition

Eloise Hoxley
Melvin Steward
Peter Williams

All 3 artists chosen for this latest artshoproject exhibition have very personal styles of approach to their practice, which are united also by their primarily graphic qualities. The response to ‘personal’ might be that everyone who does art has a personal style; however this is often not the case and there are many artists whose style is either derivative or genuinely tries to hide personality in a deadpan or mechanistic way. This is clearly not the case with our 3 artists here; their styles are exuberant in their own different ways.

Each artist is exhibiting 7 works and would be very interested to have your comments in our Visitors Book.
Overstrand Cricket Club raffle!
A huge thank you to all the team at Overstrand Cricket Club who held a raffle on The Brian Thacker Memorial Day.
The club held a cricket match between an invited eleven by the chairman and against the clubs first eleven and every year they have a raffle to raise money for their chosen charity of the year. Thank you so much for supporting NANSA!
September Offers on Art Materials
For this month we are offering a Daler Rowney A4 Cartridge Pad together with a special Drawing Tin Set for only £5.99 which is a saving of £3.09 on previous individual prices!
Childrens Workshops
See timetable for all the exciting activities.
This series of workshops will be jointly presented by our trainees here at artshoproject.
Seascapes workshop
Children's Workshop
Accompanied children 4-11 yrs
£5 each
See timetable for further details or ring 01603 505066
Children's Workshops
Throughout August artshoproject is hosting a series of Workshops for Children, see timetable for activities.
artshoproject trainees will co present workshops with staff.
Special Offers on Art Materials
Throughout August we have special offers on art materials here at artshoproject.

Occupy the children (or yourself) with Drawing and Painting Equipment on offer!

Drawing Book & Sketch Or Colour Pencils £3.50
.........Save 98p on individual prices when you buy a set.

Drawing Book with a set of Broad Tip Felt Pens £5.00
..........Save 78p on individual prices

Buy a Paint Palette with Block Paints & Brushes
2 styles available (£6.99 or £5.99) and Get Free Paper to value of £1.40.
children's workshop
August workshops for accompanied children at artshoproject.
Exciting craft activities check out the timetable!
Craft Fair
Summer Craft Fair at artshoproject Earlham House Shops.
Hand made items from local craftspeople and lots of beautiful things crafted by our project team here at artshoproject.
Pottery, textiles, prints, cards, jewelry, mugs, t-shirts, stained glass, upcycled items, cake stands, jewelry holders and lots more.
10 am - 3 pm Free Entry All Welcome
Special Offers on Art Materials Each Month
Here at the artshoproject we are now having special offers on selected art materials every month.
Look out for the offer each month to get great savings on our normal prices.

July's offers;
1/3rd off all Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylics eg 75ml tube was £3.49 now £2.33 assorted colours


Pack of 5 assorted colour x A2 Mount Boards was £4.35 now only £3.00

All offers will remain active while stocks of the items last or until the end of the relevant month.
July Exhibition
"3 Artists" is the latest exhibition at NANSA's artshoproject Gallery.
The work of Shane Landamore, Jo Dunleavy & Suzzanne Hopkins is being showcased.
Come and see this colourful and exciting display, the exhibition is on until Sat 25th July.
Birthday Celebration Exhibition "Something Else"
"Something Else" marks the 3rd Anniversary of our Official Launch here at artshoproject.
The exhibition will be opened by the Right Hon Lord Mayor of Norwich Councillor Judith Lubbock at 1.30pm on Fri 22nd May.

There will be a Private View with some of the artists in attendance on the same day 6-8pm, all welcome
(Bring your own refreshments or a donation for partaking of ours!)

"Something Else" will remain on display up to and including 20th June.
The work is diverse in approach and medium, mainly 2D but with a few interesting 3D pieces.
It is a celebration of the artistic expression of 42 artists, of these 24 practice their art at NANSA Adult and Youth Resource Centre.
Dandifest Auction
Auction of artworks from Dandifest Exhibition at Mustard Cafe.
NANSA artists and Barrington Farm artists Tate inspired work which has been on display in the Mustard Cafe as well as works donated by the Norwich Dandies.
The auction will take place on Tuesday 12th May 6-8 pm all welcome.
New Exhibition at artshoproject
A group artists have rented the gallery space at artshoproject to put on an exhibition.

The exhibition is called "Where are we going?" and will run from Mon 11th May until Mon 18th May.

It features the work of 6 local artists and includes; printing, drawing, textile & sculptor.

Extended Exhibition Dates
"When The Lord Mayor Sat For Us"
This exciting exhibition has been extended until 2nd May.
Well worth a visit if you haven't already been!
Plant Pot Decor Workshop
Come and Transform Plant Pots
1.30-3.30 pm Thurs 16th April
£6 per person All Welcome
All materials provided & take your beautiful creations home!
(plants not included)
Pinboards Workshop
Come and make a lovely display/pinboard.
Weds 15th April 1-4 pm in the gallery here at artshoproject
All materials are provided, choice of 10 + fabrics.
Involves use of hand stapler and hand sewing buttons on.
Cost £10 per person.
What's On This Week at artshoproject
Felt Jewellery Workshop
9.30-11.30 am Open to All £6 per person ,involves hand stitching.

Paper Flowers Workshop
1.30-3.30 Open to All £6 per person, involves intricate paper folding

workshop experiences
Now Available... Custom Workshops.

Come and Play at artshoproject!

Have fun with your family, friends or workmates.
We offer custom made workshops for up to 8 people, providing stress free activities in our friendly environment, at a time and date to suit you Mon - Fri between 9.30am and 4pm.
Activities on offer include;
Jewellery Frames
Cotton bag decorating
Plant pot decor
Pin Boards
Felt jewellery
Paper flowers

Or talk to us about your own craft ideas and we will see what we can do!
From £5 per person. Pop into the gallery/shop or phone us on 01603 505066
NANSA Easter Extravaganza
On 3rd April 2015, the first NANSA Easter Extravaganza at Eaton Park was opened at midday by the Lord Mayor of Norwich, Judith Lubbock. The event included Easter craft making, cake decorating, an Easter Egg Hunt and an Easter Bonnet Parade.

The Norwich Samba band and characters from Millennium Entertainments joined in with the parade, before the Lord Mayor judged the Easter Bonnet competition. An amazing £1200 was raised for NANSA’s family services that provide support and assistance for families who have children with disabilities.

Thank you to all of our exceptional volunteers and everyone who came along on the day.
'When The Lord Mayor Sat For Us'
In early March the Lord Mayor of Norwich, Judith Lubbock, sat twice for NANSA artists to paint and draw portraits.
The second sitting was in her full regalia including a large hat and heavy chain, no mean feat for an hour and a half!

Trainees from artshoproject took some photographs of this event and together with staff have curated an exciting exhibition from this work.

The work will be displayed from 30th March to 18th April in the gallery here at artshoproject and all participating artists will visit the exhibition on 30th March.
Easter Craft Fair
Lots of homemade goodies from local crafters at this one day event.
Come and browse;
woollens, pottery, textiles, cards, jewellery, origami boxes, upcycled items, prints, original artwork, cakes and more!
Call for Artists!
The Artshoproject have a new open exhibition, "Variety", taking place between the 31st of January and the 21st of February, and they are inviting artists to submit their own work.

Only one submission per artist allowed, and it can be no more than one square metre in size. If the work has not previously been displayed at Artshoproject, then it must be for sale.

Submissions can be made Monday the 12th, Tuesday the 13th, and Wednesday the 14th of January (photos are required if submitting 3D work).

If you are interested in submitting a piece of art, or would like to know more, please visit the Artshoproject at 1b Earlham House, Earlham Road, Norwich, or call on 01603 505066.
Quiz & Chips!
National Chip Week starts next month on the 16th of February and to celebrate NANSA is organising a charity quiz & chip evening for Friday the 20th, starting at 6pm.

Teams can be up to 6 people and the price of entry is £9, which covers entry in the quiz, a fish and chip supper supplied by the fantastic Grosvenor Fish Bar, and a donation to charity. Booking in advance is available, but please bear in mind we can not provide refunds.

The event is to raise money towards the NANSA Diamond Appeal, the aim of which is to completely refurbish, and increase the capacity, of the fifty year old NANSA Youth and Adult Centre. The centre provides a dynamic and supportive environment for young people and adults with disabilities in Norfolk, and aims to give them the opportunity and ability to achieve their goals.

If you would like to book a table or donate a prize, please email nathaliemarshall@nansa.org.uk. Alternatively you can speak to Nathalie at the NANSA Family Centre on 01603 414109.
Nansa Christmas Cards Available
To celebrate our 60 year anniversary, and to help raise money for our Diamond Appeal, we have three new Christmas card designs available. Each of the available designs has been hand crafted by our service users.

As our fundraising and marketing manager, Nathalie Marshall, said "Nansa is a service user-lead organisation and art is such an integral part of the sessions we provide. Our members wanted to show-case their skills in a Christmas card competition and help raise money for our services and towards our Diamond Centre Capital Appeal. Everyone in Nansa made a real effort and we had some beautiful designs, from which our trustees picked a winner from each age group. I'm so proud to be part of such an enthusiastic team and hope people will support them and buy their cards."

Service Users from the pre-school Family Centre, Youth Services, Adult Services, and Train & Trade, all worked hard to create their own designs and slogans.

Eloise Hoxley and Hannah Gill, who learn retail and customer service skills at our Artshop Project, came up with a Christmas tree design; Amanda Jones at our Youth and Adult Centre created a Rudolph design; and our Snowman design was finger painted by pre-school children with a range of disabilities.

You can buy all of our designs from any of the Nansa charity shops in Norwich, the Cards of Good Causes at The Forum, the Artshop Project on Earlham Road, or the Wrap & Roll Cafe in Hammerton Court at the Julian Hospital.
Big donation from the Wroxham & Hoveton Lions Club
The Wroxham & Hoveton Lions Club have very generously donated a whopping £2175.

They have also invited us to work with them as the charity of choice for next years Norwich Motorshow in August. Check out their website for more information on the Lions Club and the Norwich Motor Show.
NANSA Runners Diamond Appeal
This Sunday the 23rd November, the NANSA Runners team will be taking part in the Norwich Half Marathon to help raise money for our Diamond Appeal

The team is Jacqui Ronsdorf, Pauline Robinson, Francis Woodcock, Vicky Moore, Chelsea Dale & Joshua Dale. You can sponsor them by visiting their Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/runningfornansa/

If you would like to cheer our guys on they will be at the Norwich Show ground from 10.30am and they'll be in their NANSA T-shirts.

Please join us in wishing everyone taking part good luck on for Sunday!
Back in July 2014 I planned a music and entertainment fundraising event to be named 'Sparkle' in aid of NANSA.

The event was to take place at The Talk of the East, Oak Street, Norwich on Friday 7th November 2014

The doors opened at 7pm and there was a good turnout, once inside the party started at 7:30 with live music performed by 'Gameplan', this was followed by a disco (deejayed by Glenn & KC) at 8:30 which ran for the rest of the evening. We also ran a tombola and an auction of various donations.

At the end of the evening speeches were made by a couple of NANSA members as well as the event organisers.

The whole evening was a great success; it was enjoyed by all and raised a grand total of £686.85.

Glenn Butcher
Karen Goodare Sponsored Silence
Karen Goodare, a NANSA adult centre member was keen to get involved in fundraising for the refurbishment of the centre. Karen a very sociable and chatty member suggested doing a sponsored silence this was viewed by members and staff to be a very challenging task for Karen to take on and quickly got behind her to support her with this goal. Karen had a practise run a couple of days before the main event. On Wednesday 13th August Karen did indeed succeed in keeping silent for the whole day whilst at NANSA and raise over £126.00. Congratulations and very well done. Karen is planning on partaking in another challenge in the new year. We wish her every success with her future fundraising.
New vacancies at NANSA
NANSA currently have several new job openings available for CEO, a fundraising and marketing assistant and youth workers.

If you are interested in learning more or applying, please visit our vacancies page.
Saxon Court Retired Ladies create a new spin to NANSA fundraising.
A group of determined ladies from Saxon Court Retirement Housing in North Walsham host regular coffee mornings to support local charities in the area.

This week they not only presented a cheque of £370 to NANSA but caused a spin by launching a new NANSA’s sponsorship initiative to raise the much needed funds to refurbish the 50 year old Youth & Adult Centre in Norwich that supports people with a range of disabilities from all over Norfolk.

The over 60’s from the 27 supported flats in Saxon Court will be the first to sponsor a money spinner donation box that will stand in central North Walsham and should yield over £1000 a year towards the £1 million refurbishment project”.

Nathalie Marshall talked about the importance of the Diamond Appeal Refurbishment Project “During the 1950’s, children with disabilities were often sent away to residential schools for much of their childhood, and when they returned home after completing their schooling there were few work or independent living opportunities available. Therefore, an appeal was launched to provide a sheltered work centre for adults with disabilities, and the NANSA Centre was established in June 1965 at 200 Bowthorpe Road, Norwich.

Fifty years on, much has changed at the NANSA Centre; work contracts were replaced with education, vocational and personal development skills programmes, and accredited training programmes were introduced. A broad and accessible curriculum is now taught, both in-house and at NANSA’s various outreach “Train & Trade” centres, the aim is achieve full community inclusion and independence, either within a working, voluntary or further education environment.

Young people accessing NANSA’s Youth, Transition and Adult Services today expect (and deserve) high-specification facilities, including a safe, warm, healthy and motivating learning and social environment in which they can access high quality learning and personal development programmes.

NANSA launched the essential Diamond Centre Appeal to totally refurbish to current centre to provide a healthy and positive learning environment for future generations of people with disabilities here in Norfolk, through extensive upgrading of our facilities. This will extend inclusive learning and social opportunities to the wider local community once the facilities and learning areas are upgraded.”

The cost of sponsorship for a vortex money spinner is just £300 and by placing the unit in local business with good public footfall, could raise over £3000 in it’s first 3 years.

Mrs Woodhouse from Saxon Court said “we like to support local charities and it’s fantastic that our donation will continue to raise funds and awareness for such an important local project”.

If you would like to sponsor a NANSA money spinner, please contact Nathalie Marshall – Fundraising and Marketing Manager on 01603 414109 or fundraising@nansa.org.uk. NANSA are also looking for influential local members for their Diamond Appeal Committee –if you feel you could offer your skills to the project contact nathaliemarshall@nansa.org.uk
Charity Vintage Fair - 1940's Weekend, Sheringham
Saturday 20th September 2014 saw NANSA's first Charity Vintage Fair as part of Sheringham's 1940's Weekend.
People came together to enjoy the vintage clothes on offer for sale, great music and dancing, as well as fresh tea and cake. Makeovers were provided by Jackie Hamilton Beauty School offering vintage hair and make-up. Music came from
Over £1150 was raised si special thanks to everybody who came down and contributed to the fun making it such a great day.

The success of the event means that the 2015 1940's weekend will be bigger and better, over two days with even more music, dancing, makeovers, vintage clothes for sale and refreshments. Keep an eye out for the date and further details in early 2015.

To view the video of Saturday's event please click the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbrE7HZCAhs
Call for artists!
The Artshop Project need portraits for an exhibition taking place between 20th October and 14th November. Submissions can be made on Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th October between 9:30am-3:30pm. Artists can submit 1-2 pieces of work, with a max size of 1sq metre, in either 2D or 3D.

For more information please contact the Artshop on 01603 505066 or pop in to speak to one of their team at 1b Earlham House, Earlham Road, Norwich, NR2 3PD.
Andy tickled pink!
Andy Hemming has dyed his beard pink for NANSA.

Please sponsor him at https://www.justgiving.com/Andy-Hemming/
School For Parents Anniversary
On Wednesday, we celebrated 20 years of School For Parents at our Family Centre. Past and present users came to picnic with us to mark this fantastic milestone.
Fashion Show 2014
On the of Wednesday 20th August, local students taking part in a National Citizen Service programme (http://www.ncsyes.co.uk/), choreographed a brilliant show at The Forum, Norwich to raise money for NANSA. They were showcasing some of the great items that can be found in our charity shops throughout Norfolk. Congratulations to all involved on putting such a fantastic show!
Big Broads Challenge postponed
NANSA's Big Broads Challenge has been postponed and will now take place on Sunday 3rd of May 2015.
New "Safer Places" initiative launched
Safer Places is a scheme to help people who are vulnerable or disabled to feel safe in the centre of Norwich. 26 premises all within city walls have joined. Glenn Butcher and Andrew Bullock were interviewed by Heart Radio and Andy Hemming was interviewed by BBC Radio Norfolk. Ask Andy for info and a card for you to carry. If in trouble you go into a Safer Places shop and the staff will assist you when you show them your card.

NANSA shine in Lord Mayor's Procession
Springboard members designed and created costumes for the Lord Mayor’s Procession with the assistance of Pat Howe. The Procession was very successful for NANSA and we were named as runners up.

Representatives of those who took part had lunch with the Lord Mayor, Councillor Judith Lubbock on 11th July and were presented with a cheque for £100, a trophy and rosette

Starting Together – A New Partnership Project with Homestart
“Starting Together” is a new, joint project between NANSA and Homestart to address the needs of families of pre-school children with disabilities in the Norwich area where the parents/carers experience difficulty in supporting their child’s early development within group settings, either through mental or physical health difficulties or as a result of low social confidence or aversion to group activities.

There will be a weekly programme of themed pre-school activity sessions for six children with disabilities, each with a Home-Start volunteer initially, but with the aim of attendance by their parents as the project progresses.
Sessions will last up to 1½ hours and be followed by a “Coffee and Play” session of up to 1 hour, during which informal support, information and signposting will be given.

Home-Start volunteers will provide home-based information and support sessions for each child with their parent/s following each weekly session.

Once the parent/s have gained the confidence to attend sessions alone with their child, the Home-Start volunteer will instead support the family to access other mainstream pre-school settings such as . playgroups and libraries. The Project is funded by a grant from Awards for All. Staff and volunteer training has begun and the full programme will start in September this year.
Vital Family Support Initiative celebrates its 20th birthday
School for Parents is 20 years old this year! To celebrate we are having a picnic in the garden of our Family Centre on Wednesday 20th of August, all past and present users of the service are invited. It all starts at 10.30 until 12.30, with speeches at 1115.

Teas/coffees/soft drinks will be available but please bring your own picnic.
Wrap 'n Roll - NANSA's newest Train & Trade venture opens for business
NANSA’s newest Train and Trade project opened its doors on 4th June, offering a selection of both homemade and local produce. It’s located in Hammerton Court, which forms part of the East Anglia Dementia Care Academy and The Julian Hospital on Bowthorpe Road.

Wrap and Roll is a fantastic employment training project for people with disabilities covering customer service and catering skills. The project has already been approached to provide a catering service for meetings, training and other small functions at the Academy. Trainee places are now currently available.
Success for Team NANSA in local football tournament
The NANSA football team took part in a six-a-side Norwich City Community Foundation tournament with other Norfolk day services and colleges. 8 members took it in turns to play 27 seven minute games. Team NANSA excelled by winning six games and drawing two; a tremendous achievement considering this was the first time they had ever played together and they had not had the chance to take part in training sessions before the tournament. Many congratulations to the NANSA team.

New players very welcome!
New Reception Skills Class at Adult and Youth Centre
NANSA introduced a new program; ‘Reception Skills’ to its timetable this year. This is popular with our members who are learning reception practical skills alongside the theory sessions. The members are gaining work experience in a busy reception environment and have developed immensely in confidence since they started in November. The skills we are currently concentrating on include: developing telephone skills, greeting visitors to the centre, creating excel spreadsheets, writing emails and filing. Karen Goodare said she can “grow confidence” from the new reception skills class.
NANSA Artwork Exhibition Secured at John Lewis
The staff at John Lewis were so impressed after their visit to the artshoproject, they have decided to hold an exhibition of NANSA artwork in their café for the rest of the year which commenced early this month. At any one time, two artists work will be displayed for a total of two months. The team at the artshoproject will be involved in the curation process, helping to set up and take down each exhibition. Please go down and take a look!
NANSA Shines in the Forum on it's Diamond Anniversary
The Forum buzzed with energy yesterday as the founder members, staff, services users, volunteers and families all came together under one roof at the Forum to celebrate 60 years of supporting people with disabilities in Norfolk , showcasing their services of NANSA and sharing their hopes and vision for provision for those with disabilities in Norfolk in the future.

Original founders enjoyed the celebrations and live sessions throughout the day alongside the many individuals and families who enjoy NANSA’s services and the team of dedicated staff and volunteers who make up the NANSA family.

The first plans were unveiled of the Diamond Appeal to totally refurbish the Adult and Youth Centre on the Bowthorpe Road in Norwich which opened almost 50 years ago. The vision extends the existing building and transforms it into a modern educational centre using smart IT and environmental technologies, arts, fitness and holistic facilities alongside life skills and sensory areas. The project is due to be phased to minimise disruption to individuals who use the centre and to allow for fundraising and sponsorships for each zone.
Asda Collection
The Asda collection on the 21st March to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Week raised over £300! Thank you to everyone who came to see us and supported us!
NANSA Joins the Hate Free Norfolk Campaign
Youth services and the artshoproject secured funding for the Hate Free Norfolk Campaign which launched on the 3rd March. The public had an opportunity to sign the pledge while enjoying the exhibition. The art instillation was to represent an issue that some of our service users have had negative personal experiences with, and turning it into a positive. Deputy Crime Commissioner Jenny McKibben said it was “a fantastic symbol for the campaign”.
Local MP Visits NANSA Train and Trade
On Friday 17th January, Conservative MP for North Norfolk, Chloe Smith, experienced herself this fantastic opportunity by visiting Aylsham Road Train and Trade shop. Chloe took time to chat to the staff and trainees about the aims and objectives. Adult Services Manager, Andy Hemming, explained how important it was for people with disabilities to be given the opportunity to learn work skills, and to feel valued with the hope that people will be able to use these skills and qualifications to go on in into paid employment. Chloe was very interested in this venture, and wished us well for the future.