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Short Breaks Services

NANSA’s Short Breaks services support young people aged 11-17 with disabilities and helps them transition from adolescence to young adulthood whilst enabling families to take a short break from their caring responsibilities.

Group members enjoy a range of activities, from dance and exercise to computer games and relaxation. There are also scheduled educational workshops that cover subjects such as personal safety, anti-bullying, and staying safe online.

The groups runs on Saturdays, and on Tuesdays to Thursdays during school holidays. Meet-ups scheduled in the holiday periods tend to focus more on days out, including trips to local attractions, bowling, cinema, wall-climbing and other activities. Over the past year, the programme has featured workshops and courses for radio, film-making workshops and dance.

Our aim is to help young people develop social skills, independence, and work skills. There is also a strong emphasis on communication, confidence and decision-making. Members are encouraged to play a part in the community, and learn to help and understand others in their peer group.

Our services can be accessed using your Short Breaks allowance from Norfolk Children’s Services.
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