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Train and Trade

‘Train and Trade’ is NANSA’s careers support service; offering a range of traineeships that aim to break down the barriers those with disabilities face when seeking to gain employment or access education

Traineeship with Work Experience

Every individual (Trainee) accessing Train and Trade will first explore a Traineeship with Work Experience. These traineeships include an expanding range of vocational areas such as retail, catering and art & design. The initial traineeship can include a nationally recognised and accredited qualification facilitated for each Trainee by an assigned Development Coach. Traineeships are hosted internally at one of NANSA’s enterprise venues; these include NANSA’s Charity Shops and Café. 

NANSA recognises the unique differences and challenges of every Trainee; Development Coaches work together with the individuals whom they support to ensure suitable and realistic learning journeys are tailored in order to meet these specific needs. Train and Trade does not apply the ‘one size fits all’ model used by other academic institutions; deadlines, goals and targets are all agreed by a multi-disciplinary team at annual review meetings.

Supported Community Work Placements

Once the trainee has achieved the agreed goals and targets of their traineeship they may have an opportunity to explore a Supported Community Work Placement. These work placements are facilitated by one of the Train and Trade Outreach Workers and hosted by a community partner (which currently include a number of small and medium businesses but also large national institutions such as John Lewis).

Through a Supported Community Work Placement the trainee can explore a more authentic work opportunity and begin to further themselves towards their ultimate aim; gainful paid employment. NANSA’s outreach team will provide as much, or as little, support as is required under continual review, ensuring progression, development and increased levels of confidence and independence. At this stage the trainee can practice interview skills and explore real-work based training (such as Fire Prevention, Health and Safety, and Manual Handling) as well as support in putting together their CV.

How to access Train and Trade

There are lots of ways to access NANSA Careers Support Services. Norfolk County Council Locality Teams, local GPs and other professionals will make referrals. People with disabilities can refer themselves, any carer or family member can approach us on their behalf. 

Costs for service provision vary according to the type of traineeship chosen; Traineeships with Work Experience have a fixed day rate whereas Supported Community Work Placements use an hourly rate that allows the Trainee to pay only for the specific level of support needed while at their placement. 

For advice and information about NANSA Careers Support Services, call us on 01603 627662  and ask to speak with Leon Smith or Michelle Dungar. Alternatively email: leonsmith@nansa.org.uk or michelledungar@nansa.org.uk or you can write to us at NANSA, Train and Trade, 200 Bowthorpe Road, Norwich, NR2 3TZ.

For more advice on referrals, you can contact Jacqui Carey-Knight, our Services Support Officer on 01603 414109
email Jacqui Carey-Knight or write to NANSA Family Centre, 33 Woodcock Road, Norwich NR3 3TT
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