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NANSA Youth & Transition Services

NANSA Youth & Transition Services help young people with disabilities make the transition from childhood to young adulthood. We support young people through the challenges of adolescence, and encourage them to make the most of every opportunity that arises.

Short Breaks NANSA’s Short Breaks services support young people aged 11-17 with disabilities and helps them transition from adolescence to young.. Read more
Transition Services 18+ Youth Group 18+ Youth Group An opportunity to socialise, increase independence and develop work skills. Read more
Springboard Springboard Social Group Springboard Social Group Social and leisure group for people aged 18-25 with disabilities. Read more
DRAGON DRAGON DRAGON The DRAGON group helps young people with disabilities to influence service provision. Read more
Meet the team Meet the Youth Team Meet the Youth Team Meet our dynamic, supportive and professional Youth & Transition Team Read more
Referrals & FAQs Make a referral to NANSA Youth & Transition Services Make a referral to NANSA Youth & Transition Services Find out how to make a referral to our Youth & Transition Services Read more
Youth Gallery 15-17 BBC Voices Training Day.
Youth Timetable
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