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Nansa's Short Breaks services support young people aged 8-17 with disabilities and helps them transition from adolescence to young adulthood whilst enabling families to take a short break from their caring responsibilities.

Group members enjoy a range of activities, from dance and exercise to computer games and relaxation. There are also scheduled educational workshops that cover subjects such as personal safety, anti-bullying, and staying safe online.

The groups runs on Saturdays, and on Tuesdays to Thursdays during school holidays. Meet-ups scheduled in the holiday periods tend to focus more on days out, including trips to local attractions, bowling, cinema, wall-climbing and other activities. Over the past year, the programme has featured workshops and courses for radio, film-making workshops and dance.

Our aim is to help young people develop social skills, independence, and work skills. There is also a strong emphasis on communication, confidence and decision-making. Members are encouraged to play a part in the community, and learn to help and understand others in their peer group.

Our services can be accessed using your Short Breaks allowance from Norfolk Children’s Services.

For information on accessing this service, please contact the Youth and Transition Services team by
calling 01603 627662 or email referrals@nansa.org.uk or alternatively click HERE