All Aboard

Imagine… there’s a place, for families of children with disabilities, to access support, expert-advice and specialist-resources… FREE of charge! All Aboard, aims to provide families of children with disabilities a wide range of specialist support, all conveniently in one place, under one roof.

The programme is inclusive, not only does it provide direct developmental support for the children with disabilities, but it also offers behavioural and emotional support tailored to the needs of the family as a whole, including siblings. ‘All Aboard’ is delivered across 40 (term-time) weeks of the year, offering a range of provision from Monday to Friday, which includes:


The All Aboard programme includes weekly SENSE sessions; some session are exclusive for children attending with one parent/carer, whereas other sessions invite siblings and extended family along too. SENSE sessions are specifically designed to overcome developmental challenges relating to complex sensory needs and/or sensitivity. The sessions will include sensory exploration through ‘journeys and stories’ as well as messy-play, and water-play (with the introduction of rebound therapy in 2021). SENSE will explore techniques and methods of engagement that families can implement at home, including Intensive Interaction.

Intensive interaction is a practical approach that can help people of all ages with communication and/or social barriers as a result of profound and complex behavioural and developmental diagnoses. The focus is on the individual and their existing interactions and communication with the outside world. Importantly, Intensive Interaction is a child-led form of engagement. Parents will learn to explore the world from the view point of their child. Responding to activities and stimuli in a similar way to their child, through mirroring and shared participation. Intensive Interaction can help families support the development of their child’s social skills, it improves two-way communication, increases empathy, and can complement appropriate coping strategies during periods of anxiety and stress.


ENGAGE sessions are delivered weekly; parents and children will receive group and one-to-one support from specialist staff who are trained in the use of Intensive Interaction and Attention Autism:

Attention Autism is an early intervention model designed by Gina Davies, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. It aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities.

autism professional

Practitioners will work with parents and carers to demonstrate how their child can be engaged through an irresistible invitation to learn. Engage will be offered to families of children with specific developmental needs relating to their social interactions with the world and people around them. To see the approach in action, or to find out more; please visit 

Stay & Play:

Stay & Play is offered each week, it is a session with less routine and structure than our more specialist activities, but it is still a vital area of the programme that allows free-play, relaxed social interaction between children, and further networking opportunities for parents and carers.

The SENsational Network (coming in 2021)

The SENsational network is offered by Nansa in partnership with local charity, SENsational Families.

SENsational Families

The SENsational Network will provide help and advice to those in Norfolk who are in need of support with caring for children under the age of 19, with special educational needs or disabilities. Families who attend can also access support online, in addition to the support offered during the weekly support meetings. The sessions provide opportunities for parents and carers to further educate themselves in areas that will help them understand and care for their child more effectively, responding to their child’s specific needs. SENsational Families also offer a loan service of resources and equipment.

Musical Mondays (coming in 2021):

Hosted at the Nansa Families’ Centre in Norwich, Musical Mondays will be delivered in partnership with local charity; Musical Keys.

Musical Keys

Musical Keys provide musical therapy for people with disabilities and additional needs in Norfolk. They run groups and activities which enable participants to take part in, and benefit from, music and creativity, using both traditional and modern methods. They reach people of all ages/abilities. Those able to access this offer will include babies undergoing diagnosis and their families, as well as children with complex disabilities. Those taking part in sessions are supported to express themselves, build confidence, and improve their social skills. Additionally, the sessions will provide a vital support network for families and carers who could otherwise find themselves socially isolated.