School for Parents

School for Parents uses a holistic approach to developing the abilities of pre-school children who have delayed development or motor learning difficulties. Specially trained staff are dedicated to helping parents and carers learn essential techniques that support their child’s physical, social and cognitive development.

The Conductive Education (CE) philosophy developed by Peto in Hungary is based on the belief that every young child has the capability to improve their neural connections through a properly guided programme. This is an approach that works most effectively with young children while their neural pathways are still developing rapidly.

Qualified staff deliver regular CE sessions to small groups of parents and their children, focusing on a range of techniques that develop gross and fine motor skills; muscle tone; control and flexibility and cognitive skills.

Sessions last 60 – 90 minutes and take place in the relaxed setting of the Nansa Family Centre, where there is a range of specialist equipment and resources designed to support the learning.

Children benefit from a fun play session alongside other children who have similar challenges and experiences; they get personalised support in a ‘play group’ that develops skills to improve their independence.
Parents and carers benefit from learning strategies that can be used at home to meet the development needs of their individual child; they also
form important friendships that provide long-term peer support.

For information on accessing this service, please contact the Family Services team by calling 01603 414109 or email

For more detailed information, please download our handbook by clicking the button below. 

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School for Parents is funded by local NHS CCGs and Norfolk County Council.

‘Little Movers’

Check out Little Movers, our online series of short Conductive Education videos accessible below, or via Nansa’s youtube channel. The sessions were recorded during the UK lockdown (Spring 2020) as a way of providing our families with activities they could enjoy and facilitate from home.