The Road Ahead

In February 2021, the UK Government released their roadmap which explains how the coronavirus/lockdown restrictions will gradually be eased; as we move towards a more normal way of life again.

At Nansa, we will also be using a roadmap; we will update this page as/when we know what our next steps will be. Each of the steps we take at Nansa, will depend on the steps we take as a country. Providing the Government enacts each stage of the roadmap, so will we.

You can see our roadmap below; and we will update it as we make any future decisions about our ‘next steps’ or changes to our services. Throughout all stages – outreach, online activities, and other remote support will continue for those unable to access a face-to-face service.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

STEP 1 – From 1st March (COMPLETED)

  • We will begin welcoming back more members to our Adults’ Centre
  • All staff working in Bubbles have had their first dose of the vaccine (and are being tested regularly)
  • Our Sleep Services is running (remotely, not yet face-to-face)
  • Milestones will provide face-to-face sessions from 6th March
  • School for Parents returns to face-to-face sessions the week of 8th March
  • Musical Mondays (with Musical Keys) begins Monday 15th March

STEP 2 – From 1st April

  • Shops will be accepting donations from 1st April
  • Shops will re-open from 12th April
  • Stay and Play (for up to 4 children/adults) from 14th April
  • SENsational Families group (for up to 4 adults) from 14th April
  • Trainees will begin returning to shops from 19th April
  • School for Parents will increase group sizes
  • Attention Autism and Engage Sessions will return
  • Wroxham Barns Partnership Launches (1st May)

STEP 3 – From 17th May

  • School for Parents will increase group sizes
  • Link-up club returns to face-to-face sessions
  • Trainees begin attending Wroxham Barns 31st May