Milestones is a Transition Service for young people aged 18-25 years old who are preparing for adulthood. The Milestones programme was developed by Nansa in consultation with Norfolk County Council and the young people, parents and families supported by Nansa across other services.

Milestones will help to prepare young people with disabilities for adulthood by offering a varied programme of opportunities that encourage aspirations, promote progression and increase independence. The programme provides every young individual a tailored development journey underpinned by 10 main outcomes which are:

1) Communication and Relationships
2) Money Skills
3) Health and Hygiene
4) Time Management
5) Travel and Transport
6) Confidence and Self-Esteem
7) Home Skills
8) Self-Reflection
9) Rights and Responsibilities
10) Work Experience

The Milestones programme is varied, inclusive, fun and adaptable to the needs and abilities of young people with varied abilities and diagnoses.

Milestones is currently offered during school/college holidays and at weekends and is accessed and afforded through an allocated Norfolk County Council personal budget for adults with disabilities.