Navigating the New Normal

In Summer 2020 Nansa commissioned a film to document the stories and experiences of staff and service-users during and after the lockdown. The film shows how Nansa’s services have had to adapt to meet the needs of their families and members. Check out the documentary below:

Navigating the New Normal (an Aturn Films production)

Norfolk Freemasons are All Aboard

Norfolk Freemasons first became aware of Nansa in 2017 when they were invited to our Family Centre on Woodcock Road, Norwich. The following year, their national grant making organisation, the Masonic Charitable Foundation, chose to fund Nansa’s Sleep service for a period of 3 years up to 2021. Since then local masons and Nansa have stayed in close contact, in June Nansa CEO, Leon Smith, approached them to see whether further funding support might be possible in order to sustain our All Aboard project into 2021.

“We were able to utilise an existing pot of funding to see us through to August 2020 but were concerned we would not be able to secure funding beyond that point and as a result; the varied range of support covered under the project was at risk of being discontinued. Our freemason friends have always been incredibly supportive and approachable, once I had explained our predicament they kindly offered to fund the project for an additional 6 months with an award of £28,000. This generous donation enables Nansa to not only provide families with support during this difficult period, but also gives us the time and space we need to secure a more long term funding partner for the project at the end of the financial year in 2021”

Leon Smith (CEO)

Having seen how families across Norfolk whose children with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other learning difficulties and disabilities are being helped by Nansa we welcomed the opportunity to ensure their latest All Aboard project could be started as soon as possible

Stephen Allen (Head of Norfolk Freemasons)