Visible Festival


This event was originally due to take place in 2022 but has been postponed to 2023…

(find out why by clicking the button below):

Friday 31st March and 1st April 2023

VISIBLE is a project launched by the Norfolk and Norwich SEND Association for 2022 and beyond. Our first Neurodiversity Festival (sponsored by Loveday and Partners) will take place at The Forum (in Norwich) on 31st March and 1st April 2023.

Together, we can influence change countywide.

Together we can listen and we can learn.

Together we can be heard and we can be VISIBLE!

During the festival we have a range of guests who will host discussions and workshops in the AUDITORIUM and the VIEW. You can click on the [HOSTS] button below to learn more.

There will also be a range of exhibits (information stands) facilitated by local agencies, charities, and projects, offering services for and/or championing a more inclusive community for those with neurodivergent conditions. For a full list of who will exhibit during the festival, please click the (EXHIBITS) button below.

To get to know our sponsors for this event, please click the [SPONSORS] button below and join the discussion across social media by following @NansaNorfolk and using the hashtags #VisibleNorfolk #VisibleFestival #Neurodiversity #JoinTheConversation